What is a 1954 Chevrolet worth?

What is a 1954 Chevrolet worth?

**Figure based on a stock 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air valued at $16,100 with OH rates with $100/300K liability/UM/UIM limits. Actual costs vary depending on the coverage selected, vehicle condition, state and other factors.

What is a Chevy Styleline?

The Chevrolet Styleline was introduced late in the 1941 model year as a 4-door sedan. In 1942 a fastback 2-door coupe became an option. Production was indefinitely delayed in 1942 due to World War II, after 110,000 had been made total. In 1945, production resumed, and Chevrolet rebadged it, the Stylemaster.

What year did the Bel Air come out?

The first Bel Air was launched in 1953, but the 1955 to 1957 Bel Airs, known by enthusiasts as the Tri-Five Chevrolets, became icons. “These cars are so sought after and iconic because of the legacy buyers who put these cars on a pedestal,” Kraman says.

What Motor came in a 1954 Chevy Bel Air?

First generation (1950–1954)

First generation
Engine 215.5 cu in (3.5 L) “Thriftmaster” 1-bbl. valve-in-head 92 hp I6 235.5 cu in (3.9 L) Blue Flame I6
Transmission 3-speed manual 2-speed powerglide auto.

Is a Bel Air and Impala?

Impala was first used for the 1958 model year to denote the Chevrolet Bel Air Impala, Chevy’s new top-of-the-line model. The original Impala gussied up the Chevrolet Bel Air with more trim and more chrome. It came as a two-door hardtop and was the only full-size Chevy model to offer a convertible body style for 1958.

What vehicles have a 115 inch wheelbase?

At General Motors Corp., Buick Special, Oldsmobile F-85 and Pontiac Tempest are all on a 115-inch wheelbase, compared with 112-inches a year ago, and are nearly a foot longer.

What cars did Chevrolet make in 1954?

The Bel Air Series. Available as Four-Door Sedan, Two-Door Sedan, Sport Coupe, Townsman and Convertible.

  • The Two Ten Series. Available as Four-Door Sedan, Two-Door Sedan, Club Coupe and Handyman.
  • The One Fifty Series. Available as Four-Door Sedan, Two-Door Sedan, Utility Sedan and Handyman.
  • 1954 Chevrolet Kustoms.
  • What year did Chevy stop making the Bel Air?

    Chevrolet Bel Air
    Production 1949–1980
    Model years 1950–1981
    Body and chassis
    Class Full-size Muscle car

    What kind of car is a 1954 Chevy Bel Air 4 door?

    This 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air 4 door sedan runs excellent. It is equipped with new glass, interior, tires, and the brakes have been done by a top of line brake specialist.

    What kind of Van is this 1954 Chevy panel van?

    This 1954 Chevrolet Panel Van was created for SEMA, the biggest automotive specialty show in the world, where the very best in custom automotive products are featured.

    Why buy a 1954 Chevrolet LS Restomod?

    These vintage wagons can haul your gear, your friends, your kids, or just you, and are the ultimate accessory for the open road. Classic Car Addict is excited to present this beautiful 1954 Chevrolet LS restomod with 353 miles for sale in our Mesa, AZ showroom. This meticulous frame off restoration was completed in 2015 and More Info ›

    What kind of car is a 1954 Corvette?

    This very cool 1954 Chevrolet Corvette is exactly the kind of car you need if you crave the right kind of attention. After all, its a custom car with a beautifully vibrant finish. But what youll al…