What instruments did Nino Rota play?

What instruments did Nino Rota play?

Rota wrote numerous concerti and other orchestral works as well as piano, chamber and choral music, much of which has been recorded and released on CD.

Is Nino Rota still alive?

Deceased (1911–1979)
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Where is Nino Rota from?

Milan, Italy
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Nino Rota, (born December 3, 1911, Milan, Italy—died April 10, 1979, Rome), Italian composer of film scores.

Why was Nino Rota revoked?

In 1972, composer Nino Rota received an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Score for his work on The Godfather, but it was subsequently revoked after it was revealed that part of the love theme had already been used in Rota’s score for the 1958 Italian comedy film, Fortunatella.

What is Nino Rota known for?

Giovanni “Nino” Rota (3 December 1911 – 10 April 1979) was an Italian composer, pianist, conductor and academic who is best known for his film scores, notably for the films of Federico Fellini and Luchino Visconti.

What is Rota music?

icumen in (also called the Reading Rota; “rota” was a medieval term for round). This unique six-part composition is based on a four-voice canon that can be derived from a single notated part according to verbal instructions, or canones (“rules”).

Who wrote music to Godfather?

Nino Rota
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Nino Rota, who wrote the music for Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Godfather” and for nearly all of the films of the Italian director Federico Fellini, died yesterday of a blood clot in a Rome clinic.

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Who is the composer of Speak Softly Love?

Love Theme From the Godfather/Composers

What style of music is the godfather?

The Godfather (soundtrack)

The Godfather
Genre Soundtrack
Length 31:31
Label Paramount (original) / MCA (CD)
Producer Tom Mack