What has happened to Wyevale Garden Centres?

What has happened to Wyevale Garden Centres?

Wyevale has confirmed that it has sold its remaining batch of stores, meaning the garden retailer’s business has come to an end. Since it launched a sales process in May last year, Wyevale has sold all 145 of its garden centres via 57 separate transactions.

Are garden centres still open in the UK?

England is the only country in the UK where garden centres have been allowed to remain open even after the announcement of a March-style lockdown that bans all activities that aren’t essential. Garden centres will remain open to the public alongside supermarkets, hardware stores, and pharmacies.

Did Dobbies buy Wyevale?

British Garden Centres has taken 37 Wyevale sites with a combined asking price of £39m. Dobbies has acquired 37 with a combined asking price of £231m. Blue Diamond has acquired 16 with an asking price of £50m. 10 have been sold to developers including the 2 to be operated by British Garden Centres.

Who bought Wyevale Garden Centres?

Terra Firma
The company was bought by private equity firm Terra Firma in March 2012. On 17 July 2014, the company announced it would be rebranding to Wyevale Garden Centres.

Who owns Dobbies now?

Midlothian Capital and Hattington Capital Holding Company
Dobbies Garden Centres/Parent organizations

Can I go to a garden Centre in lockdown UK?

Garden centres are allowed to stay open under the new rules, which is different from the first lockdown back in March. The Government’s official guidance confirms: “Essential retail such as food shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, garden centres, building merchants and suppliers of building products and off-licences.

When can garden centres reopen in England?

Garden centres will be able to reopen to the public from today (Wednesday 13 May). All garden centres reopening should put in place social distancing, cleaning and protective measures for both staff and customers.

Who owns Wyevale?

Wyevale Garden Centres/Parent organizations

Which wyevale garden Centres have been sold to Dobbies?

The 31 Wyevale Garden Centres that have been sold to Dobbies are: Altrincham, Andover, Beaconsfield, Brighton, Bury St Edmunds, Cadnam, Findern, Galton, Gosforth, Hare Hatch, Harlestone Heath, Havant, Hungerford, Keston, Leicester Rowena, Lelant, Marple, Moreton Park, Northampton, Pennine, Poppleton, Royston, Rugby.

Does Dobbies belong to Tesco?

Dobbies is one of the largest garden centre operators in the UK, with 68 stores nationwide. Currently owned by private equity firms Midlothian Capital Partners and Hattington Capital, the business was sold by Tesco for £217m in 2016.

Where can I find a garden centre in Somerset?

Taunton, A Wyevale Garden Centre is a garden centre you’ll find at Taunton, Somerset . You’ll find an excellent range of plants, seeds and bulbs within the garden centre, as well as many other products for your garden, such as garden furniture, barbecues and gardening tools .

Is Otter garden centre a Wyevale Garden Centre?

Previously a Wyevale garden centre, we became part of the Otter Garden Centre family in July 2019.

When was purpurpose garden centre built?

Purpose-built in 1986, the garden centre was created on the site of an old horse livery yard and market garden which sold produce from the roadside. We have an established reputation for a strong horticultural offering, with a wide range of plants available all year round.