What happened with Slamacow?

What happened with Slamacow?

Due to his inactivity from 2017 on, Slamacow continually dropped further down the list and even lost subscribers, losing a full 100,000 in 2020.

Who is the brother of herobrine in Minecraft?

Status Unknown
Location Unknown
Relatives Birger and Ritva Persson (parents) Markus Persson (brother) Nidarc (brother) Anna Froeberg (Sister) Unknown half-brother
Affiliation Various

Why did Steve turn into herobrine?

Steve Briggs, is a 17 year old boy, who after learning he has telekinetic powers destroys his high school during revenge on his lifelong bully Thomas White. The attack caused Steve to lose control of his powers and became Herobrine.

Is herobrine friends with Steve?

If Steve and Herobrine Were Friends He begins with running down a hill, where he suddenly meets Herobrine. Then. he starts remarking about how Herobrines face is ugly. After Herobrine asks him for friendship, Steve happily accepts.

What happened to dig build live?

In late September 2015, the Dig Build Live team announced on their Twitter page that production of the series was officially dead, due to “health concerns” with their lead animator, much to the disappointment of many fans.

Who is Herobrine’s wife?

Alice Brine- Herobrine’s wife of 6 years. She is the stay-at-home mother of their 2-year old son Benny. She is often seen in a purple t-shirt. Benny Brine- The nearly-3-year old son of Herobrine and Alice.

Are Alex and Steve in love?

According to Lego Club Magazine, Steve and Alex are dating. Steve has a penchant for mining, building and alchemy. Alex also likes building, but otherwise prefers exploring and hunting. Perhaps it was their love of construction that brought them together.

Is Herobrine Steve’s dad?

After Sinbad’s Death, The Current Herobrine’s grandfather still continues to live and by the time his son was born, he then became a father of the current Herobrine when he married Herobrine’s Mother.