What happened to the Irken empire?

What happened to the Irken empire?

As a result of their inaction, the status of Operation Impeding Doom II is currently unknown after the Almighty Tallest, as well as the whole Irken Armada, were sucked into a Florpus Hole, trapping them possibly forever in a dimension of fire in which they all became puppets and were left to suffer in agony, leaving …

Is Zim shortest Irken?

However, even though Zim is called short by the Almighty Tallest, he is not actually much shorter than the other Invaders, and is around the same size as Invader Skoodge. When a Tallest is killed or incapacitated, the Control Brains will choose the next tallest Irken to take their place.

What happened to the Irken Armada?

Following the conquest and planetary conversion of Blorch, a sizable portion of the Armada was wiped out by the planet Mars, which had been converted into a vehicle by its extinct native inhabitants, and left running through the universe by Zim (“Battle of the Planets”).

Who is the shortest Irken?

Invader Chin
Invader Chin Despite his large size, he has the shortest legs of all Irken Invaders.

Who is Invader Tenn?

Invader Tenn is an Irken Invader, assigned to the planet Meekrob, home to a race of mysterious and intelligent beings of pure energy who are sworn enemies of the Irken Empire.

How old do Irkens live?

approximately 800 years old
However, this could also be in reference to an Irken’s lifespan, meaning that in comparison to the average human lifespan of approximately 80 years, Irken live to be approximately 800 years old.

What color is Irken blood?

However, Jhonen mentioned at some point that Irken blood was a clearish-pink in color, though it’s unclear if he was actually being serious or not. However, he later confirmed it for real at InvaderCON at his panel that it is clearish pink “similar to a Klingon’s blood”.

How old is Zim in human years?

[[Image: |175px]]
Race Irken
Gender Male
Age Older than the living people on Earth (presumably 160 Earth years of age)

Are Zim and Tenn related?

Tenn is the only known Invader whose mission seems to be failing (aside from Zim). It is a common theory that Tenn and Zim may in fact be related due to their identical appearances, possibly twin siblings. Even though she only had one major role and was never seen again, she was popular in the Invader Zim fanbase.

What is the Irken Empire Zim?

The Irken Empire is an antagonistic faction in Invader Zim. This consist of a race of insectoid hominid organisms called Irkens. Ever since their home planet of Irk was accidentally almost destroyed by Zim, many parts of the race live on the gigantic ship called The Massive.

Why didn’t Zim kill all the invaders?

Alternatively, it could mean that Zim may not have killed all the invaders but some were in a near death condition, possibly to the point where they no longer could be of service to the Irken Armada.

How does the Irken Empire conquer the universe?

Once the weaknesses are learned, the Invader informs the Almighty Tallest and they send the large Armada to wipe out the planet or enslave it. In Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus, the Irken Empire travel in a straight line around the galaxy within the large armada to conquer the universe.

How did the Florpus appear in Invader Zim?

In Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus, the Irken Empire travel in a straight line around the galaxy within the large armada to conquer the universe. When Zim reality-warps the Earth using the bracelets and Mini Moose, the Earth appears in the straight line which the Irken Armada travel, accidentally summoning the Florpus.