What happened to the Capeman?

What happened to the Capeman?

Agron began working as a youth counselor, and spoke out against gang violence for over five years. On April 16, 1986, he was admitted to a hospital with pneumonia and internal bleeding and died six days later at age 42, two days before his 43rd birthday.

Who is king Agron?

Agron (/ˈæɡrən, ˈæɡˌrɒn/; Ancient Greek: Ἄγρων) was an Illyrian king of the Ardiaean Kingdom in the 3rd century BC, ruling c. 250–231 BC. He is most famed for his decisive victory over the Aetolian League, a state in western Illyria . Around 231 BC, Agron suddenly died after his triumph over the Aetolians.

Is argon a God?

+Argon is the God in the Book of Argonia and the God worshipped in the Argonian religion, Centaurism.

Why did the Capeman flop?

The production just didn’t last long enough. After officially opening on Jan. 29, 1998, the show met harsh criticism and could not be sustained for long as a commercial venture, closing after only 68 performances. The Capeman lost an estimated $11 million.

Did Paul Simon write a musical?

Simon continued to tour throughout the 1990s, wrote a Broadway musical, The Capeman, and recorded a companion album, Songs from The Capeman which was released in 1997.

Who is Argons father?


Parentage Fingolfin and Anairë
Siblings Fingon, Turgon, and Aredhel
Physical Description
Gender Male

Where does argon come from Lord of the Rings?

Argon was the younger brother of Fingon, Turgon, and Aredhel his elder sister. He was most likely born in Tirion during the Years of the Trees. He was described to be the tallest of his brothers and most impetuous. He followed his father through Helcaraxë and set foot on Middle-earth during the First Age.

Who plays with Paul Simon?

Simon & Garfunkel
The Mystics
Paul Simon/Music groups

Did the Illyrians speak Greek?

Dialects. The Greeks were the first literate people to come into frequent contact with Illyrian speakers. Their conception of “Illyrioi”, however, differed from what the Romans would later call “Illyricum”. The Greek term encompassed only the peoples who lived on the borders of Macedonia and Epirus.

Who is Agron in Spartacus?

Agron is a skilled German fighter who was one of the later recruits to Batiatus’ Ludus who would later become one of Spartacus ‘ chief lieutenants during the rebellion.

What is Agron famous for?

Agron was one of the most-followed and most influential celebrities on Twitter in 2012 and 2013. Entertainment Tonight has called Agron a ” fashion icon “, and Vogue magazine has covered her style and taste, praising her takes on different styles and remixing fashion.

Why does Agron hate the Romans so much?

Never having been fond of the Romans in the first place, Agron harbors a visceral hatred towards the Romans ever since he lost his brother Duro during the upheaval at Batiatus’ ludus. After the death of his brother, he goes on to become the lover of Nasir.

Who was Agron of Illyria?

Polybius wrote of him as “Agron, king of the Illyrians, was the son of Pleuratus, and possessed the most powerful force, both by land and sea, of any of the kings who had reigned in Illyria before him.”