What happened to odes industries?

What happened to odes industries?

ODES Industries announces ODES Powersports as its new online site for consumers to buy direct. The new retail option allows consumers to purchase the company’s UTVs or ATVs and them shipped directly to them. Consumers can also purchase parts through the new online retail option.

What happened to odes UTV?

ODES UTV has been around for nearly a decade producing and selling products all over the world. The ODES Brand is now managed out of its main corporate office in Riverside, CA.

Are odes UTVs any good?

The Odes Dominator X4 excels as a people mover. It is far happier exploring, hunting, camping and sightseeing than it is hammering through terrain aggressively. It handles off-road transportation duties so well, we don’t see the lack of whoop-bashing performance as a drawback.

How can I make my UTV quieter?

Here are a few tried-and-true methods you can use to make any UTV quieter.

  1. Get an Exhaust Silencer. Installing an exhaust silencer is a great start to quieting down your UTV.
  2. Insulate Your UTV. Insulating your UTV is a little more of a DIY project than just buying an exhaust silencer.
  3. Fix Issues.

Where are ODES manufactured?

ODES ATVs are developed and engineerd in the USA. Production is taking place at a state-of-the-art plant with latest generation industrial robots. The high-Performance engines are entirely manufactured by ODES from scratch up to the finished product….Quickfacts.

Products: ATV, UTV
Web: www.odes-atv.de

Who makes ODES Dominator?

Desert Concepts
2021 Odes Dominator X4 1000cc LT • $19,999.99 Designed by Desert Concepts in California, this Long Travel Suspension gives you 14 inches of an ultra smooth ride.

What engine does ODES UTV use?

The Odes Comrade is powered by a single-cylinder 650cc engine that produces a claimed 39 horsepower and 42 lb-ft of torque. Other features include hydraulic dump bed, adjustable driver and passenger seats, dual A-arm front and rear suspension, 11 inches of ground clearance and 1200-pound towing capacity.

Who makes ODES side by sides?

I’m happy to admit that until recently, I had never even heard of the ODES brand, let alone seen one first-hand, so I was immediately curious when offered one to test. What turned up was an ODES Pro 800 UTV, which is owned by ATVUTV New Zealand Limited, the importer and distributor of the brand in New Zealand.

Why are side by sides so loud?

UTVs are loud because of the combination of high performance and keeping weight and costs down. Most UTVs does not have the insulating materials silencers as a car have. The non-insulated cab tends to act as an echo-chamber, that’s amplifying the sound rather than eliminating it.

Do ATV muffler silencers work?

Does ATV muffler silencers work? An exhaust muffler silencer can reduce the sound level of an ATV exhaust by up to 60%. It dampens the popping or crackling sound from the engine backfiring and changes it to a lower pitch rumble. The actual sound reduction depends on the brand of silencer and ATV engine size.

What engine does odes UTV use?

Who makes odes Dominator?

What parts does odes UTV offer?

If you are seeking a new cab enclosure, windshield, or roof, you are sure to find it in our selection of ODES UTV parts. Here we have gathered a variety of body and frame parts designed to look and fit just like the OEM ones yet at a lower price than the dealer originally offers. Aside from that, we offer a wide range of mechanical parts.

What kind of exhaust do you put on a UTV?

Keep your UTV vehicle running at peak performance with UTV exhaust systems from Side By Side UTV Parts. Choose from an array of quality exhausts from Yoshimura, DragonFire, Trinity, and Big Gun for the Polaris RZR, Arctic Cat Wildcat, Can Am Maverick, Can Am Commander, Yamaha Rhino, and more.

What are UUTV slip-on exhaust systems?

UTV slip-ons are a quick and easy modification that can instantly have an impact. Riders can expect a reduction in weight, a different exhaust note and can even see noticeable performance gains. And unlike with full exhaust systems, slip-ons generally do not require a fuel map change.

Why choose an odes?

Durable and capable, your ODES can take you to some of the most difficult-to-reach areas. There is no doubt that you do your best to keep it in its top condition.