What happened in chapter 9 of Silas Marner?

What happened in chapter 9 of Silas Marner?

Summary: Chapter 9 Godfrey tells his father about Wildfire and about how he gave the rent money to Dunsey. His father flies into one of his rages and asks why Godfrey stole from him and lied to him for Dunsey’s sake. When Godfrey is evasive, the Squire comes close to guessing the truth.

What hope does Godfrey have in Chapter 9?

Favorable Chance takes over the minds of any men in unfavorable circumstances, and Godfrey’s hopes all depend on some chance outcome that will settle everything for him. Rather than admit to his circumstances, he hopes that a chance occurrence will change his situation before his father can make any comments to Mr.

Does Nancy want to marry Godfrey?

Nancy thinks she has made it clear that she does not wish to marry Godfrey. His unwelcome attention bothers her, though the way he often ignores her bothers her just as much.

How does Molly get revenge on Godfrey?

Her addiction to opium, far more than her husband’s neglect, is the cause of her present ragged appearance. Nevertheless, she intends to revenge herself on Godfrey by appearing at the dance and revealing that she is his wife.

How did Silas change after the theft?

How did Silas change after the theft? Silas did his work automatically, punctuated with occasional signs and moans. He had no definite purpose in his weaving as he did before when he looked forward to counting his money at the end of the day.

How did Nancy feel about Godfrey?

How did Nancy feel about Godfrey? Nancy treated Godfrey with coldness altough she was really glad that Godfrey was interested in her. Explain how the way Godfrey treated Nancy at the party showed his irresponsiblity and his reckless disregard of the consequences of his actions.

Do you agree with godfreys statement about Dunstan?

Do you agree with Godfrey’s statement about Dunstan: “He’ll never be hurt–he’s made to hurt other people”? Explain your answer. Yes, people like Dunstan are not as susceptible to being hurt because their entire life centers on themselves.

Who was going to buy Godfrey’s horse before Dunstan killed it?

On the way, he meets Bryce, who was to have bought the horse. Bryce tells him that Dunstan has killed Wildfire, but he does not know where Dunstan has gone. Godfrey begins to fear that when Dunstan returns, he will tell the whole story rather than bear their father’s anger alone.

What are godfreys arguments for adopting Eppie?

Godfrey insists that he has a claim on Eppie and confesses that he is her father. Eppie firmly refuses the Casses‟ offer saying that Marner was the only father she knew and would not leave him.

Why does Godfrey now confess all to Nancy?

Godfrey is greatly shaken by the discovery, and it convinces him that all hidden things eventually come to light. Thus, Godfrey goes on to make his own confession, telling Nancy of his secret marriage to Molly and of Eppie’s true lineage.

What effect does Silas have on the gathering at the party on Godfrey?

What effect does Silas have on the party? He makes the guest suspicious, especially Godfrey.

What did Silas think had really happened?

Silas wondered if he had fallen asleep on his watch. However, later that morning William and the other church members accused Silas of stealing the church’s money from the deacon’s room.

What is the moral lesson in Silas Marner?

Moral values are important in Silas Marner throughout the novel as those people who do good deeds are rewarded while those who fail in their moral duties to others are punished. As George Eliot was a religious person, she believed in fate and providence as there was a higher being rewarding and punishing our conduct.

What is the main conflict in Silas Marner?

major conflict · Silas Marner lives for a long time without any connection to other human beings or his youthful faith in God. Though he does not struggle to find purpose and connection in his life, the novel is about his recovery of purpose, faith, and community through his finding Eppie.

How does Silas Marner live in Raveloe?

In Raveloe, Silas lives on the outskirts of the community near a region known as the Stone-pits in a small cottage. Silas lives as a recluse and stays inside his cottage all day working at his loom. Silas becomes an extremely skilled weaver and ends up making a large profit from his successful business.

Who is the antagonist of the book Silas Marner?

In some ways, Silas is his own worst enemy. His own shyness, lack of experience, and inability to trust keep him from integrating into Raveloe. But you could also say that Dustan is the antagonist, since he’s the one who (1) produces Eppie by convincing Godfrey to marry Molly; and (2) steals Silas’s money.