What happened during the Gaza flotilla raid?

What happened during the Gaza flotilla raid?

The Gaza flotilla raid was a military operation by Israel against six civilian ships of the ” Gaza Freedom Flotilla ” on 31 May 2010 in international waters in the Mediterranean Sea. Nine activists were killed on one ship during the raid and ten Israeli soldiers were wounded, one seriously. One further Turkish activist died later of his wounds.

Was the Gaza Freedom Flotilla’s blockade legal?

As ships of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla were using neutral flags, the internationally accepted restrictions on a blockade did not allow for the seizure of the humanitarian aid on the ships, the ships themselves, or their crew, regardless of the legality of the blockade itself.

Did Israel’s Gaza blockade violate international law?

While the UN’s official report found Israel’s blockade of Gaza to be legal, another set of UN experts, reporting to the Human Rights Council, came to the opposite conclusion finding that it violated international law. The ships of the Gaza flotilla raid comprised three passenger ships and three cargo ships:

How is aid sent to Gaza from Israel?

In normal circumstances, aid is brought to Israel to be inspected and then transferred to Gaza. On 31 May 2010, Israeli forces boarded the ships from speedboats and helicopters. Following resistance on one of the boats, nine activists were killed by Israeli forces.

What happened on 29 June 2016 in Gaza?

On 29 June 2016 the agreement was finalized and approved by the Israeli government. The operation, code named Operation Sea Breeze or Operation Sky Winds was an attempt to block the Free Gaza Movement’s ninth attempt to break the naval blockade imposed by Israel on the Gaza Strip.

What happened to the Israeli soldier who died in Gaza?

The soldier’s captors escaped, and the Israeli commander pulled the knife out of his body and jumped overboard along with a second soldier. The third, with severe head injury was left and found by his comrades later. The raid ended with nine activists killed, and dozens injured.