What happened at the end of Pandorum?

What happened at the end of Pandorum?

Bower and Nadia escape to his pod, and are ejected to the surface as well. The mutants are presumably drowned but the sleeping passengers float to the surface to safety. The film ends with Bower and Nadia looking at the new world as the other pods surface.

Is there a Pandorum 2?

Pandorum -2-Disc Special Edition Blu-Ray.

Are there aliens in Pandorum?

We meet horrible space aliens of some kind, that tend to hunt the hibernation sleep pods and eat the colonists as they can. We also meet two other members of the crew, a Vietnamese guy named Manh (played by Cung Le) and a Nadia (played by Antje Traue).

Is there a pandorum 2?

Is pandorum a good movie Reddit?

Pandorum received a lot of negative reviews and was a box office flop, but I personally liked and enjoyed it and am also a fan of sci fi survival horror type of films. I thought that the action and suspense was pretty good and the creatures looked pretty cool and terrifying.

Is there a sequel to the movie Pandorum?

“There is a prequel and a sequel. The thing about PANDORUM is there is a mythology that goes along with it that is in some ways, very similar to how Joseph Campbell and his mythology was imprinted on STAR WARS. There is mythology that goes with Pandorum as well. Hopefully we’ll get to do it, that would be great.”

What is the review of Pandorum?

Science fiction magazine SFX stated that ” Pandorum is the finest interstellar horror in years” and awarded the film 4 stars out of 5. Film Ireland also gave Pandorum a positive review, appreciating the film’s synergy of cinematic techniques, set design, and developed characters.

What happened to the ship in Pandorum?

Payton discovers that after the ship was launched, some of the crew went mad and regressed. Bower comes across some isolated survivors, members of the crew who have awoken and fighting to survive from the mutants. Pandorum has an incoherent story, it is a mess and borrows from other films.

Is Pandorum a franchise movie?

Overture Films distributed Pandorum in North America, Icon in the United Kingdom and Australia, Svensk Filmindustri in Scandinavia, and Movie Eye in Japan. The film was set up as a possible franchise.

What happened to Corporal Gallo in the room in Pandorum?

Meanwhile, Payton rescues Corporal Gallo in the room, but the menace of the paranoid Pandorum psychological trauma seems to be affecting Gallo. It is the year 2174. The spaceship Elysium is sent to colonise a distant planet.