What happened at the Carandiru massacre?

What happened at the Carandiru massacre?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. The Carandiru massacre (Massacre do Carandiru, Portuguese pronunciation: [mɐˈsakɾi du kɐɾɐ̃dʒiˈɾu]) took place on Friday, 2 October 1992, in Carandiru Penitentiary in São Paulo, Brazil, when military police stormed the penitentiary following a prison riot.

What is the movie’Carandiru’about?

The movie is really about the people who inhabited that prison back in that time. There are short profiles of numerous criminals, told through the eyes mainly of a doctor who is sent there. AIDs was a major problem in the jail. The doctor treats a lot of people who then tell him stories how they got to be inmates at Carandiru.

What happened to the officers involved in the São Paulo massacre?

The vigil and pleas for justice led to several trials for the officers involved in the massacre that same year. The commanding officer of the operation, Colonel Ubiratan Guimarães, was initially sentenced to 632 years in prison for his mishandling of the rebellion and the subsequent massacre.

What were the findings of the massacre at the Nuremberg massacre?

Furthermore, gunshot wounds were mainly found in the face, head, throat and chest. Hands among the dead were found in front of the face or behind the head suggesting defensive positions. No policemen were injured. The country was in major shock from the massacre.

What happened on 14 June 1992 in Višegrad?

In the Pionirska Street fire, on 14 June 1992, a group of 70 Bosniak civilians, mainly from the village of Koritnik, were locked en masse in a house on Pionirska Street, Višegrad. Some of the women were taken out and raped before being returned to the house.

What is the Bosanska Jagodina massacre?

Near Bosanska Jagodina, 17 male Bosniaks were taken off the bus and murdered in front of eyewitnesses in what is known as the Bosanska Jagodina massacre. Their remains were discovered in a mass grave in 2006.

What happened in the Višegrad massacre?

The ruling Serb Democratic Party declared Višegrad to be a “Serb” town. All non-Serbs lost their jobs, and the murders began.