What film does Argus 75 use?

What film does Argus 75 use?

It’s not a real TLR as in you cant focus it, it’s fixed focus and even worse fixed shutter as well. It’s more of a toy camera. It uses a 620 defunct film type, meaning you cant buy film for it. Luckily you can buy 120 film cut and re-spooled in 620.

How much is an Argus seventy five camera worth?

Argus: Argoflex Seventy-Five

Average Very good Mint
$5-10 $10-20 $10-20
Estimate value accuracy:

How old is an Argus 75 camera?

The Argus 75 is a fun little bakelite wonder from Ann Arbor-based Argus. Produced from about 1949-1964, the camera takes 620 film.

How do you use Argus Argoflex?

The top lens is where you’ll focus your subject. To focus the Argoflex E, open the focusing hood and move the focus ring. There are distance markers to help you focus from 3.5 feet to infinity. To obtain sharper focus, you can use the magnifier by flipping it open when the focusing hood is open.

How do you date an Argus camera?

“Argus” badge on front below shutter cocking lever: No badge: 1945 – 1950. Badge: 1950 – 1957….On the back:

  1. Weston film reminder dial: 1945 – 1948.
  2. A.S.A film reminder dial: 1948 – 1954.
  3. Three strips of leatherette separated by chrome trim: 1954 – 1957.
  4. Solid leatherette: 1957.

How do I load my Argoflex camera?

Drop cradle with empty film spool back into compartment and turn winding knob to engage it with the slot in the end of the empty film spool. Be sure to loan the camera in subdued light; not in bright sunlight. Swing out lower film spool cradle and insert new roll of film. Then drop cradle back in compartment.

Are Argus cameras worth anything?

Unfortunately, most Argus camera models are not worth a great deal. However, there are a number of less common to very rare models that command a modest to (rarely) very high price. Value will also vary depending on condition and included accessories.

What happened to Argus camera company?

Argus was acquired by Sylvania in 1959 and sold off in 1969, by which time it had ceased camera production (some rebadged cameras continued to be sold under the Argus name through the 1970s and more recently the Argus brand was reestablished used on a variety of inexpensive digital cameras made by the seperate …

What is frame spacing on a Lumar 75mm lens?

Frame spacing relied on a simple red window, however. The lens was branded as a 75mm Lumar, and was a single meniscus element in front of a fixed aperture of approximately f/11. A version sold in Australia has Argus Lumar 75mm Made in Australia printed on the lens mount.

What does an Argus seventy-five camera kit include?

A standard Argus Seventy-Five kit would typically have included a leather protective case, flashbulb holder (mounted with two pins 1-3/16″ apart), and a slip-on accessory “portrait” lens to focus in the 3 to 4 foot range.

What is the difference between argoflex seventy five and Argus seventy-five?

The Argoflex Seventy-Five and Argus Seventy-Five were two name variants of the same model of pseudo TLR, produced by Argus in the USA, beginning in 1949. The main body was molded from plastic (perhaps bakelite), while the film door is a painted metal casting.