What episode is 246 of NCIS?

What episode is 246 of NCIS?

Kill Chain
Kill Chain is the twelfth episode of NCIS Season 11 and the 246th episode of the entire NCIS series. This is also the first ever NCIS episode to have Emily Wickersham (Eleanor Bishop) in the opening credits.

Was Penny actually on NCIS?

Penny breaks in and announces that she got an acting part on NCIS. Leonard and Amy congratulate her while the others guys have to be pushed to do the same. Penny is not sure of the TV show’s title, but she does get to flirt with Mark Harmon.

When did Emily Wickersham join NCIS?

One of the more interesting series regulars to be on “NCIS” is NSA Analyst Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham), who departed at the end of Season 18. Wickersham first joined the cast of “NCIS” in 2013, following the departure of Cote de Pablo, who plays former Mossad agent and NCIS Special Agent Ziva David.

Is Bull a spin off of NCIS?

In 2003 he appeared as Senior NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo in two episodes of the CBS series JAG, a role he continued to portray in the spin-off series NCIS. CBS announced in January 2016 that Weatherly would be leaving NCIS after 13 seasons of starring as main character Anthony DiNozzo.

How did Gibbs get the boat out of his basement?

How does Gibbs get his boats out of the basement? It was revealed Gibbs gets his boats out through the wall. He removes bricks and makes a large hole in the wall. FBI Agent Alden Parker (Gary Cole) makes this discovery when looking for Gibbs.

What happened in the NCIS season finale?

The NCIS team investigates whether a fire on a U.S. Navy ship that served as a secret detention site for indicted terrorists was accidental or an intentional diversion for an escape. Meanwhile, Gibbs travels to his childhood home following news of his father’s passing, on the 11th season finale of NCIS.

Who is Emily Wickersham on NCIS?

Emily Wickersham joins the NCIS team as NSA Analyst Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop. The NCIS team is forced to re-examine a hit-and-run murder case when a former FBI agent turned lawyer confides in Gibbs that her client’s confidential alibi is solid.

What is Parsa on NCIS?

When a stolen drone is linked to the elusive terrorist Parsa, the NCIS team partners with the Department of Defense, including Gibb’s former girlfriend Hollis Mann, to track down the device before it is used for a large scale attack. Meanwhile, McGee hesitates to ask for time off to attend a black-tie gala honoring his girlfriend.

What happened to S12 E2?

S12. E2 A Navy Commander is murdered near the White House, it is learned that he was on his way to talk to the President. Gibbs and his team must determine if it is because of his relationship with Read all A Navy Commander is murdered near the White House, it is learned that he was on his way to talk to the President.