What episode does TC Kiss Jordan?

What episode does TC Kiss Jordan?

They are able to connect with one another easily after their past, and they help each other in rough patches. The spark in their romance life starts to liven up again, and after Landry ended things with TC, TC grabbed Jordan in a kiss (Storm Watch).

Do TC and Jordan get together in the night shift?

TC and Jordan have broken up but still have to work together which makes it awkward, but pull through after a helicopter ride to a scene.

Who does Jordan end up with in night shift?

In season 2 Jordan and TC get back together and she tells TC that she’s pregnant. Later on TC goes to Afghanistan and Jordan has a stroke and ends up in a coma. When she wakes up she finds out that she miscarried. TC proposes to her but she rejects it.

What episode does Jordan tell Tc she’s pregnant?

Jordan tells TC she’s pregnant The Night Shift 2×07.

Is there a 5th season of Night Shift?

The Night Shift: Cancelled by NBC; No Season Five for Medical Drama.

Does Landry come back in night shift?

Danielle Alonzo has been dropped from NBC’s The Night Shift. Alonzo’s character of psychiatrist Dr Landry De La Cruz will not be returning for the second season of the medical drama. “We’re opening up and getting more surgery and more of the paramedic world,” he said.

What happened to Krista in Nightshift?

She was an intern at San Antonio Memorial but was cut off as Paul Cummings got the job instead.

Do Paul and Shannon get together?

That’s whats so complicated about their relationship. Shannon and Paul ended in a good place, but went separate directions. They’ve never had a perfect relationship — they come from very different backgrounds.

What happened to Annie on night shift?

She dies early in Season 4 after breaking up with Scott and committing suicide by jumping into a river with a backpack full of rocks.

What happened to Topher on The Night Shift show?

In the second episode of the fourth season it’s revealed that Topher, along with his oldest daughter, were killed in a car accident (offscreen) after being hit by a drunk driver. Brendan Fehr as Dr. Andrew “Drew” Alister: An army doctor still active in the reserves and chief resident.

What happened to Dr Landry on the night shift?

What happened to Jordan and TC’s relationship?

Jordan’s at the time boyfriend sees this and this ends their relationship, Jordan now being single. Jordan and TC decide to keep things slow, but after TC grabbed Spice Girls concert tickets for Jordan and Gwen, she sees that he cares for her and they hook up in the elevator.

Do TC and Jordan get back together in Season 2?

In Season 1 Episode 5 Jordan and TC kiss at the end. Jordan’s best friend is EMT Gwen Gaskin. Season 2 In season 2 Jordan and TC get back together and she tells TC that she’s pregnant.

How did Jordan and Topher meet?

Jordan and TC met sometime in college or med school, when they were 25, and were together prior to and during TC’s time in the military. When TC returned from the war it was Jordan and Topher who helped him find his way.

What happened to Jordan and TC in Darkest Before dawn?

However, things take a turn when Jordan has a stroke and falls into a coma while TC is in Afghanistan for a quick trip. In the end, Jordan loses the baby and TC is upset that he was not with her when this all happened. At the end of Darkest Before Dawn, TC proposes to Jordan but she shoots him down.