What does WebLogic Suite include?

What does WebLogic Suite include?

It includes Oracle WebLogic Server, the #1 application server for developing and deploying applications across conventional and cloud environments, Oracle Coherence Enterprise Edition, Oracle Web Tier, Oracle TopLink, Oracle Java Mission Control and Flight Recorder, and other component technologies.

Does Oracle SOA Suite include WebLogic?

Oracle Service Bus is licensed as an option to WebLogic Suite and is also included in SOA Suite for Oracle Middleware.

What is Oracle WebCenter suite?

Oracle WebCenter is the center of engagement for business powering exceptional experiences for customers, partners, and employees. It connects people, processes, and information with the most complete portfolio of portal, content management, Web experience management, and collaboration technologies.

What is Oracle WebLogic Server management Pack Enterprise Edition?

The Oracle WebLogic Server Management Pack Enterprise Edition provides. comprehensive lifecycle management capabilities for middleware software and its. underlying hardware that help customers to maximize value of their IT assets, increase. the quality of IT services, reduce the cost of managing IT, and meet IT …

Is SOA a middleware?

Quite simply, middleware or SOA (service oriented architecture) is important because it lets you worry about other things. It takes care of all the invisible functions necessary so that you can focus on the software you are running to your customers or employees.

What is Oracle WebCenter imaging?

Oracle WebCenter Imaging, Capture and Forms Recognition technologies provide an enterprise-class imaging platform for end-to-end management of document images within transactional business processes.

What is Oracle WebCenter capture?

Oracle WebCenter Enterprise Capture provides organizations with a single system to capture both paper and electronic documents. Capture supports both centralized and distributed image capture from a user-friendly web interface capable of using high-volume, production-level scanners.

What is SOA in Weblogic?

Oracle SOA Suite is a comprehensive, hot-pluggable software suite that enables you to build, deploy, and manage integrations using service-oriented architecture (SOA). Oracle SOA Suite provide the following capabilities: Consistent tooling. A single deployment and management model. End-to-end security.

What is SOA management Pack Enterprise Edition?

The Oracle SOA Management Pack Enterprise Edition delivers comprehensive management capabilities for a Service-Oriented Architecture-based (SOA) environment. Oracle Service Bus-based business and proxy services. Service modeling offers out-of-the-box automated system modeling capabilities for the SOA infrastructure.

What is OCR in Oracle Cloud?

character recognition (OCR) to. intelligently locate and extract data. • Out-of-the-box, standards-based. integrations with Oracle’s business.

What is included in Oracle WebCenter Suite plus?

Oracle WebCenter Suite Plus includes the following: Oracle WebCenter Content bundles Oracle’s solutions for content management, records management, and imaging, providing a solution for customers seeking to implement an enterprise-wide content management system.

Is Oracle WebCenter Universal Content Management included in the installation package?

Oracle WebCenter Universal Content Management is included in the Oracle WebCenter Content installer, however, a license to Oracle WebCenter Universal Content Management does not include a license to all of the components included in the installation packages in the Oracle WebCenter Content installer.

How do I use owlcs in WebCenter?

OWLCS can be used to set and display presence information and enable text chat functionality within Oracle WebCenter Portal applications or portals. Oracle WebCenter Sites is a comprehensive web content management solution that helps organizations build, deploy, and manage large-scale interactive web sites.

What is included in Oracle WebCenter Enterprise capture?

Oracle WebCenter Enterprise Capture includes all of the Oracle WebCenter Enterprise Capture Standard Edition functionality, plus the following: Restricted Use: A license to Oracle WebCenter Enterprise Capture includes a restricted-use license to WebLogic Server Standard Edition (WLS SE).