What does tribalized mean?

What does tribalized mean?

Definitions of tribalization. the act of making tribal; unification on a tribal basis. synonyms: tribalisation. Antonyms: detribalisation, detribalization. the decline or termination of tribal organization.

Is Tribalize a word?


Who is called tribal?

Indigenous and tribal peoples are often known by national terms such as native peoples, aboriginal peoples, first nations, adivasi, janajati, hunter-gatherers, or hill tribes. In Latin America, for example, the term “tribal” has been applied to certain afro-descendent communities.

What does faultline mean?

A fault line is a long crack in the surface of the earth. Earthquakes usually occur along fault lines. 2. countable noun. A fault line in a system or process is an area of it that seems weak and likely to cause problems or failure.

What does Retribalization mean?

Definition of retribalization : the act of forming or returning to a tribal group or division.

How do tribes work?

Tribal sovereignty means that tribes have the power to govern themselves. Each federally recognized tribe retains the rights of an independent sovereign nation apart from the local, state or federal government. The majority of laws governing tribal members and affairs come from tribal governments themselves.

What is a tribe in the Bible?

Twelve Tribes of Israel, in the Bible, the Hebrew people who, after the death of Moses, took possession of the Promised Land of Canaan under the leadership of Joshua. While no tribe bore the name of Joseph, two tribes were named after Joseph’s sons, Manasseh and Ephraim.

Are tribals Hindu?

The Santals and other Indian tribal communities are not Hindus, and do not belong to any Indo-Aryan religion like Hindu, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Sikh, Jainism and Persian.

Who are tribal in India?

Still to get a brief idea about Indian tribes, here is a comprehensive list of 20 tribes, picked from different corners of India.

  • Gonds Tribes.
  • Bhils Tribes.
  • Santhal Tribes.
  • Great Andamanese Tribes.
  • Khasi Tribes.
  • Garo Tribes.
  • Angami Tribes.
  • Munda Tribes.

What is a faultline in literature?

“A fault plane is the plane that represents the fracture surface of a fault. A fault trace or fault line is a place where the fault can be seen or mapped on the surface. A fault trace is also the line commonly plotted on geologic maps to represent a fault.”