What does TNS tns-01189 mean?

What does TNS tns-01189 mean?

TNS-01189: The listener could not authenticate the user Cause: The user attempted to issue a privileged administrative command, but could not be successfully authenticated by the listener using the local OS authentication mechanism. This may occur due to one of the following reasons:1.

Why TNS?

TNS’ network securely blends private and public networking to enable customers to utilize a single connection for “one-to-many” and “many-to-many” connections over a global platform. TNS is a privately held company with a healthy balance sheet and a loyal customer base that includes some of the largest global blue-chip companies in the world.

What is the TNS 2021 robocall investigation report?

The TNS 2021 Robocall Investigation Report is a continuing examination into the data, convention and trends that plague consumers’ phones daily.

Who owns TNS Inc?

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