What does TKS MerCruiser mean?

What does TKS MerCruiser mean?

Brief Summary. Mercury MerCruiser’s exclusive Turn Key Starting system is standard on all carbureted engines. This patented feature eliminates the hassle of starting a cold engine. Simply turn the key.

What RPM should a 4.3 MerCruiser run at?

MerCruiser 4.3L Engine Performance Specifications | Longblock Pricing

Models 4.3L 4.3L EFI
Displacement 262 cid (4.3 l)
Maximum rpm @ WOT3 4400-4800 rpm
Idle rpm in NEUTRAL 650 rpm5 600 rpm6
Oil Pressure @ 2000 rpm 30-70 psi (207-483 kPa)

How many gallons of antifreeze does it take to winterize a 4.3 MerCruiser?

Antifreeze, A Friend Indeed Thanks. If you’re going to winterize a boat you’ll need around a five gallon bucket and two gallons of antifreeze to protect your engine and all related plumbing.

What is a MerCruiser 4.3 TKS?

The MerCruiser 4.3L TKS engine is a 190 HP, 262 cubic inch (4.3-liter) V6 engine with a 2-barrel carburetor instead of fuel injections like its MFI cousin. It uses 87 octane fuel to turn the engine to a maximum of 4,400 to 4,800 RPM at WOT. It also uses a 65 amp, 917 watt alternator.

How much gas does a 4.3 MerCruiser burn?

Select MerCruiser Test Model HP Fuel consumption WOT
MerCruiser 4.3 TKS – 262 cid 190 hp 16.0 GPH
MerCruiser 4.3 MPI – 262 cid 220 hp 18.0 GPH
MerCruiser 4.5 MPI – V6 250 hp 19.7 GPH
MerCruiser 5.0 TKS – 305 cid 220 hp 18.2 GPH

How many HP is a 4.3 MerCruiser?

220 HP
2018 Mercury Marine® MerCruiser® 4.3L MPI ECT 220 HP.

At what temp does a boat engine freeze?

Unwinterized boat engines can freeze any time the air temperature is below 28°F (-2°C) – for an extended period. Freshwater cooled engines without proper coolant can freeze below 32°F (0°C). The good news is you can prevent freeze damage fairly easily.

Do I need to winterize my boat if I use it?

If you plan to use your boat year-round, and you live in a place where the temperature dips below freezing occasionally, you should winterize systems such as the water holding tank, showers, livewells, faucets and the head system — if your boat has them — and don’t use them during winter.

How much horsepower does a 3.0 MerCruiser have?

Mercruiser 3.0L Marine Engine Performance Specifications & Pricing

Models 3.0L
Crankshaft Horsepower (SAV1 Rating) 1351 (1142)
Propshaft Horsepower (SAV1 Rating) 1011 (852)
Displacement 181 cid (3.0L)
Maximum rpm @ WOT3 4400-4800 rpm

Who makes 3.0 MerCruiser engine?

Mercury Remanufacturing
This engine is one of the lightest, most reliable and fuel-efficient engines in its class as well as one of Mercruiser’s most popular models. This motor is manufactured by Mercury Remanufacturing, replaces 3.0L Alpha sterndrive engines as well as Volvo Penta and OMC. Includes a 1-year warranty.

What year did Sea Ray start using fuel injection?

1996 – Direct Fuel Injection.

What is MerCruiser turn key start?

Turn Key Start (TKS) – A feature exclusive to MerCruiser carburetors equipped with an enrichment control system that only requires a turn of the key to start. TKS does not require pumping the throttle or adjusting the choke in order to start.

How fast will a 3.0 MerCruiser go?

STINGRAY 180 with 135hp 3.0L MERCRUISER/ALPHA 1 Performance Results
Stock* Torque Shift Prop**
Top Speed 47.7 50.0
Acceleration (0-30 mph) 9.9 sec 7.0 sec
*23-inch MerCruiser 3-blade aluminum prop **No. 144-132, adjusted to 23-inch pitch at maximum

How much is a 1990 Bayliner Capri worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $5,495 $3,780
Options (Add)
Total Price $5,495 $3,780
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Is a 3.0 MerCruiser a good engine?

The Mercruiser 3.0 is a good motor, simple and not a history of any problems.

Is the 3.0 MerCruiser a GM engine?

GM produced 2 different 3.0L model marine engines up through 1994. Starting in 1995 all that GM produces is the 140 Hp longblock. The new 3.0L longblocks are offered to be used as a replacement either way for which ever version of the engine that you have.

Is Sea Ray going out of business?

Brunswick Corp. today announced it has ended the sale process for its Sea Ray business, including the Meridian brand. Brunswick also announced it will discontinue Sea Ray sport yacht and yacht models, resulting in the wind down of yacht production in the third quarter of 2018.

Does Sea Ray own Bayliner?

Ray as an independent company, Ray Industries, in Detroit, Michigan, with fiberglass boats being made at a factory in Oxford, Michigan. At the same time, Brunswick purchased the Bayliner brand, making Brunswick the largest pleasure boat producer in the world. Sea Ray opened a plant in 1972 at Merritt Island, Florida.

How does the TKS module work?

The TKS module mounted to the carburetor. When 12V DC is applied, the TKS module enrichment fuel air passage in the TKS carburetor. 3. On 3.0L engines, an oil pressure switchprovides a ground (-) path for the TKS module. engine circuit breaker. 4. On V-6 and V-8 engines an existing oil pressure switch provides 12V positive (+)

Where is the TKS module mounted on the carburetor?

This enriched mixture is drawn into the engine through an opening in the carburetor body below the throttle plate. 2. The TKS module mounted to the carburetor. When 12V DC is applied, the TKS module

What should I do if the TKS module fails?

The TKS Module failed in the closed position. See Section 4G and Section 5G.? The fuel has varnished. See Section 5B.? There is debris in the fuel path. See Section 5B.? The float level is out of specification. See Section 5B. 1. Check that float bowl is full of fuel. 2. Check that the mechanical fuel pump is working.

What does TKS sound like on a carburetor?

There is a small enrichment air passage for the TKS system in the throat of the carburetor. whistle or hissing noise. After 6 to 10 minutes when engine has warmed and TKS system has closed the noise will quit and will only occur again after a cold engine start.