What does the UC Davis logo mean?

What does the UC Davis logo mean?

UC Davis Intercollegiate Athletics, which has totally embraced the logo since then, enters the fall season with a promotional campaign in which “CA” stands for “Champion Aggies” (the campaign’s title), “Cut Above,” “Collectively Amazing,” “Courage Always” and “Challenge Accepted.”

What font is the UC Davis logo?

Proxima Nova
The official UC Davis fonts are Proxima Nova, Ryman Eco and Freight Text. The official UC Davis fonts — Proxima Nova, Ryman Eco and Freight Text — are for use in any branded UC Davis publications.

What is UC Davis motto?

Fiat lux (Let There Be Light)
University of California, Davis/Motto

What is UC Davis mascot?

Gunrock the Mustang
University of California, Davis/Mascot

Gunrock is the official mascot of the UC Davis Aggies. He is named after Gun Rock, who was born in 1914 and was the offspring of English Triple Crown winner Rock Sand and race mare Gunfire. His bloodlines are similar to those of racehorse Man O’ War.

What are UC Davis colors?

Aggie Blue
University of California, Davis/Colors
Primary UC Davis Colors FOA uses the UC Davis official colors: Aggie Blue and Aggie Gold. These colors help us maintain brand consistency with the university. As a general rule, blue and gold should be the dominant color palette for all external communications.

Is UC Davis Ivy League?

UC Davis is highly rated and considered a public Ivy League school.

Why is UC Davis mascot a horse?

The horse symbol dates back to 1921 and a stud Thoroughbred named Gunrock who supplied high-quality stock for the U.S. Army — and who also gave rise to the identity mark that UC Davis used in one variation or another through the upcoming decades.

What is an Aggies mascot?

Texas A&M University/Mascot

What is the oldest UC?

UC Berkeley
UC Berkeley is the oldest of the UCs and is known for its academically gifted students and renowned faculty. Berkeley was ranked the #1 public national university by US News for 19 straight years (losing out to UCLA beginning in 2019). Also, in 2012, Berkeley started a scholarship fund for undocumented students.

What is UC Davis best known for?

UC Davis, set in a small traditional college town, is justly famous for its outstanding programs in the biological and agricultural sciences. In addition, its programs in engineering, the social sciences, physical sciences, mathematics, and the arts and humanities are also popular and highly prestigious.

What are the school colors of UC Davis?

The official school colors are blue and gold. The blue is due to the UC’s early connection to Yale and as a result is often referred to as “Yale Blue”, and although UC Davis’ official blue, usually called “Aggie Blue”, Pantone 295 differs from Yale Blue (approximately Pantone 289).

What is the history of UC Davis?

The University of California, Davis (UC Davis) is a public, 4-year school that traces its history back to 1868 when it first achieved recognition as a chartered, land-grant university. Initial construction on the college campus took place within the town of Davisville, which later changed its name to Davis in 1907.

What is the ZIP code for UC Davis?

The Davis Zip Code is 95616, 95617, 95618. If you want to send a mail to Davis City, you should use the 95616, 95617, 95618 Zip Code. In 1983, the U.S. Postal Service introduced an expanded Davis ZIP code system that it called ZIP+4, often called “plus-four codes”, “add-on codes”, or “add ons”.

What is UC Davis trademark licensing?

Over the history of UC Davis, symbols, icons, traditions and trademarks have come to represent the UC Davis community. The UC Davis Trademark Licensing program was established to ensure these marks and symbols are used properly. Licensees can learn more about how to identify with UC Davis. (link to Licensees Page)