What does the plan of St Gall represent?

What does the plan of St Gall represent?

The Plan of Saint Gall is a medieval architectural drawing of a monastic compound dating from 820–830 AD. It depicts an entire Benedictine monastic compound, including churches, houses, stables, kitchens, workshops, brewery, infirmary, and a special house for bloodletting.

Is there a saint Gail?

Saint Gall, (born c. 550, Ireland—died c. 645, Switzerland; feast day October 16), Irish monk who helped spread Irish influence while introducing Christianity to western Europe. In 612 he founded a hermitage on the site of modern Sankt Gallen, Switz.

Who drew the plan St Gall?

The plan of Saint Gall, red ink on parchment, was discovered during 20th century in the library of a monastery at Saint Gall, Switzerland. The plan is considered as the ideal plan for Benedictine monastery. Haito, an abbot of Reichenau and bishop of Basel drew the plan between 816-829.

What is saint Gall known for?

Associated with various legends, myths, and miracles, Gall is chiefly remembered for this role in the spread of Christianity in Switzerland and as the founder of a hermitage that would eventually become the Abbey Cathedral of St. Gallen.

What is the University of St Gallen known for?

St. Gallen is known for its business school, now named the University of St. Gallen (HSG). It was ranked as the top business school in Europe by Wirtschaftswoche, a weekly German business news magazine and is highly ranked by several other sources.

Where is St Gallen located?

St. Gallen is situated in the northeastern part of Switzerland in a valley about 700 meters (2,300 ft) above sea level. It is one of the highest cities in Switzerland and thus receives abundant winter snow.

Who founded the Abbey of St Gallen?

It was founded by Saint Othmar on the spot where Saint Gall had erected his hermitage. The library at the Abbey is one of the richest medieval libraries in the world. The city of St. Gallen originated as an adjoining settlement of the abbey.

Where is the abbey of Saint Gall located?

Abbey of Saint Gall. The Abbey of Saint Gall ( German: Abtei St. Gallen) is a dissolved abbey (747–1805) in a Roman Catholic religious complex in the city of St. Gallen in Switzerland. The Carolingian-era monastery has existed since 719 and became an independent principality between 9th and 13th centuries,…