What does SLE stand for Toyota Solara?

What does SLE stand for Toyota Solara?

What do the different Toyota model letter acronyms mean?

CE Classic Edition
SLE Sport Luxury Edition
SR Sport Rally
SR5 Sport Rally 5-Speed
VE Value Edition

Is Toyota Solara a good car?

The Solara is generally viewed as a reliable vehicle. “Since it shares many parts with the nation’s best-selling sedan, the Camry, this Toyota is unlikely to send you to the service department very often,” says the New York Times.

Why was the Toyota Solara discontinued?

After the 2008 model year, the coupe was discontinued due to faltering sales, but the convertible, which accounted for the majority of units sold, continued to be produced.

Is the Toyota Solara convertible a good car?

Vehicle overview First introduced in 1999 as a more sophisticated sister to the Camry family sedan, the Toyota Solara coupe and convertible have quietly enjoyed the reputation of most Toyota cars — reliable, well built and inoffensive-looking. The Solara’s interior fit and finish is easily best in class.

How many cylinders does a 2007 Solara have?

2007 Toyota Camry Solara/Number of cylinders

Is a Toyota Solara rear wheel drive?

The Toyota Camry Solara, popularly known as the Toyota Solara, is a mid-size coupé/convertible built by Toyota….

Toyota Camry Solara
Class Mid-size car
Body style 2-door coupé 2-door convertible
Layout Front-engine, front-wheel-drive

How much is a 2007 Toyota Solara worth?

Used 2007 Toyota Solara Pricing The Camry Solara Convertible SE has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $27,810, while the Sport is $30,080 and the luxury-oriented SLE is $31,080. A look at the Fair Purchase Price, which shows the typical transaction price paid in your area, will help guide you toward your best deal.

What kind of engine does a 2007 Toyota Camry Solara have?

This 2007 Toyota Camry Solara 2dr 2dr Coupe I4 Automatic SLE features a 2.4L 4 Cylinder 4cyl Gasoline engine. It is equipped with a 5 Speed Automatic

What kind of interior does a 2007 Solara have?

For 2007, the instrument panel gets an electroluminescent display. Trunk space totals 13.8 cubic feet in the coupe and 12 cubic feet in the convertible. Each Solara model has a separate interior surface treatment. The SLE features woodgrain trim, while the SE has silver-metallic trim.

When did the Solara coupe come out?

The current Solara coupe debuted as a 2004 model and featured a fresh look and more power from the available V-6 in its second generation. All engineering and design work was done in the U.S., and the Solara is manufactured in Kentucky. A convertible joined the lineup later.