What does ReUp mean for simple mobile?

What does ReUp mean for simple mobile?

Refill your plan or sign up for Auto ReUp. Refill.

How do I text simple mobile?

Send an SMS

  1. From the main screen, tap the “Messaging” icon.
  2. Tap the “New message” icon.
  3. The “To” field will be selected. Tap the “? 123” key on the keypad and enter the mobile number of the desired recipient.
  4. Tap the text area that reads “Type message” and enter the message you wish to send.
  5. When finished, tap “Send.”

How do I check my balance on simple mobile?

Text USAGE to 611611 or select an option below to get your balance.

How do I know when my simple mobile expires?

To see your Service End date, text the word DUE DATE to 611611 or click here. To enroll in Auto-Refill, text the word ENROLL to 611611 or click here.

What is auto ReUp?

Auto-ReUp will make sure your service stays connected without interruption. Simply register a debit/credit card and your SIMPLE Mobile payment is made for you automatically on your Last Day of Service.

How do I top up Simple Mobile online?

How to easily top up Simple Mobile phones for the USA?

  1. Select a mobile carrier.
  2. Fill in your information.
  3. Complete your payment.

How do you text a phone through email?

How to Send a Text Message (SMS or MMS) via Email

  1. Open your email app on your phone, tablet, or computer.
  2. In the “To” field, enter the 10-digit phone number you want to text, and add the corresponding email domain to the end of it (listed above).
  3. Fill in the subject line, and compose your message.

What does data add on balance mean?

With data add-ons, you can buy more high-speed data whenever you need! Our data add-ons come with the extra benefit of rollover data, which means any unused data will carryover to your next Service cycle.

How do I check my phone balance?

To Check your Balance in Aircel, Dial *125# or call 123 from your Aircel Mobile. To Check Account Balance in your Idea Mobile Dial *212# from Your Idea Mobile. Check Balance Dial *123# from your BSNL Prepaid Mobile. Check Balance Dial *222*2# from your UNINOR Prepaid Mobile.

How do I check when my T Mobile prepaid expires?

The best way is plug in your T-mobile sim card and dial #225# and it will tell you when the card will be expired.

How do I cancel my auto refill?

No. There is no cancellation or penalty fee if you decide to disenroll from Auto-Refill. You can cancel at any time by logging into your account or calling our Customer Care Center at 1-877-430-2355.