What does MOD mean in slang?

What does MOD mean in slang?

Something that’s stylish or cutting-edge can be called mod. Your mod haircut and outfit might make you feel like the most fashionable person in your neighborhood. Just don’t leave your hood. Mod is informal slang for modern, and the two words can be used interchangeably.

What does MOD mean in social media?

Summary of Key Points

Definition: Modification
Type: Abbreviation
Guessability: 3: Guessable
Typical Users: Adults, Teenagers, and Under 13s

What does MOD stand for on TikTok?

First off, TikTok is adding a new option which will enable broadcasters to assign ‘Live moderators’, being a person, or people, that can help them manage their streams. As you can see here, Live Moderators enables you to add in other users who can then manage your comments and commenting functions during a stream.

What does MOD mean on discord?

A mod is your assistant on Discord who helps you maintain a controlled, favorable setting for everyone. Assuming your server is a real-world community, moderators are like the patrolmen who keep an eye on everyone’s behavior, ensuring they abide by your rules.

What does MOD mean on twitter?

A mod stands for moderator meaning he has the ability to ban, and timeout people, change my title and many other things. It is made so that streamers don’t have to do this and have people they trust helping their channel! 6:17 AM · Mar 26, 2020·Twitter for iPhone. 1. This Tweet was deleted by the Tweet author.

What does mod stand for in fashion?

The mod, or modern, subculture gained popularity in the 1960s in London, England. Early influences include jazz music and European art films, and many mods rode Vespa or Lambretta scooters. Dressing like a mod means wearing stylish and tailored clothing in bold prints, bright colors, and black and white.

What does mod stand for restaurant?

The interior of each MOD restaurant is unique and “locally inspired.” The acronym “MOD” in the company’s name stands for “Made on Demand.”

What does MOD mean on twitch?

Moderators (also known as mods) ensure that the chat meets the behavior and content standards set by the broadcaster by removing offensive posts and spam that detracts from conversations. Mods can be easily identified in chat by the green sword icon that appears next to their name.

What is a mod on TikTok?

What is a mod British slang?

(mɒd ) Word forms: plural mods. countable noun. Mods are young people in Britain who wear a special kind of neat clothes, ride motor scooters, and like soul music. Many young people were mods in the early 1960s.

What is mod in restaurant?

MOD position is an employee who is qualified to manage a shift. They are responsible for completion of a shift checklist, managing employees during the shift and maintaining all Shadwell’s specs and policies. MOD will be responsible for closing duties, securing the restaurant.

What’s a mod party?

ModParty is a line of custom (and adorable) decorations, invitations and favors for birthdays, weddings, bridal and baby showers.

What is modding?

A variation of a game’sengine and graphics to create a new game. Valve relies heavily on modding, with Counter-strike, Day of Defeat, and Garry’s Modall being mods of Half-life. by ColderOctober 09, 2011

What is a mod style?

Favored genres include old school Ska, Soul, and R&B as well as New Wave, Britpop, and some things that, today, are heaped into the rather loose label of “Alternative Rock”. Another defining characteristic of Mods is their chosen mode of transportation, the Italian moterscooter (most notably Vespa and Lambretta ).

What is the mods subculture?

As with many subcultures, the defining characteristics are clothing and music, both of which become an obsession for Mods.

What kind of music do mods listen to?

The favored music of Mods is varied rather widely but, for the most part, shares the characteristic of being danceable. Favored genres include old school Ska, Soul, and R&B as well as New Wave, Britpop, and some things that, today, are heaped into the rather loose label of “Alternative Rock”.