What does methyl ionone smell like?

What does methyl ionone smell like?

In odor it lies somewhere between floral, woody, and iris, working in a perfume as a bridge between the middle and base notes. It blends with almost every type of material, taking its place as a structural component in many of the great perfume families.”

What does Alpha-Isomethyl ionone do?

Alpha-isomethyl ionone is used in a wide variety of cosmetic* and household products where it mainly functions as a fragrance ingredient. It is sometimes also used as a biocide, working as a disinfectant or pest control in product.

Where does Alpha-Isomethyl ionone come from?

Alpha-isomethyl ionone is a synthetically made and naturally occurring organic compound found in Brewer’s yeasts or the species known as Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The compound is an isomer of methyl ionone.

What is Alpha Isomethyl ionone in skin care?

Alpha-isomethyl ionone is used in a wide variety of cosmetic* and household products where it mainly functions as a fragrance ingredient. The substance is for example found in hair care products, moisturizers, bubble baths, after shaves creams, air care products, perfumes and fragrances, polishes and waxes and makeup.

Is Alpha-Isomethyl ionone natural?

Ionones are a group of naturally occurring and synthetically produced scent chemicals.

What is amyl cinnamal used for?

Amyl Cinnamal is a safe synthetic compound used a lot in cosmetic to fragrance by reproducing the tropical and sensual smell of jasmine.

Is benzyl alcohol safe for face?

“Benzyl alcohol is considered to be a safe ingredient in skincare and cosmetics when used on intact skin,” Krant says. Can cause itching for some people: “As is the case for most preservatives, benzyl alcohol can, unfortunately, be an irritant and cause itching for some people,” says Krant.

What is methyl ionone used for?

Calkin & Jellinek talk about Methyl Ionone: “Methyl ionone is one of the most versatile materials used in perfumery. Although it occurs in a number of different isomeric forms � the qualities most widely used today are either the gamma (iso-alpha) form or a mixture of isomers in which this predominates.

What does methyl ionone ISO Super smell like?

Methyl ionone iso super Odor Description: floral-violet, fruity, powdery, woody, tea-like It is extremely versatile in character, and effects ranging from sweet floral to tobacco-like or woody are obtainable with various grades of subject material.

What is methylionone perfume?

This type of Methylionone can support floral notes in Ylang-Ylang as well as woody notes in Vetiver, or leathery notes in Salicylates, etc. Certain types of perfume contain up to 25% or more of this material. Many soap perfumes are based upon a large volume of common-grade Methylonone with the subject isomer as pre-dominant component.”