What does LFS mean on Lews reels?

What does LFS mean on Lews reels?

Lighter Faster Stronger
The new LFS Series (stands for Lighter Faster Stronger) Speed Spool reels include the following features: Four models (5.6:1RH, 6.8:1RH, 6.8:1LH, 7.5:1) Aluminum frames/graphite side plates. 10 ball bearings. Aluminum handle.

How much line does a Lews Speed Spool hold?

Speed Spool Baitcast Reel 2nd Gen

Product SS1HA Add To Cart SS1SA Add To Cart
Gear Ratio 6.8:1 5.6:1
Recovery Per Turn (in) 28 23
Mono Line Capacity (Yards/Lbs) 120/12 140/12
Braid Line Capacity (Yards/Lbs) 120/50 140/50

Is Lews made in China?

Lew’s, Shimano, Daiwa, Quantum, Pflueger….the list goes on and on ALL made overseas. I think Ardent might still be American made but everything I have heard about Ardent reels is that they are junk. At least Lew’s is an American company out of Springfield, MO.

Who builds Lews?

A Springfield-based supplier of fishing products — one that isn’t named Bass Pro Shops — has been acquired by a private equity firm. Do Outdoors, which operates under the name Lew’s Fishing, was purchased by an affiliate of Peak Rock Capital in a deal announced in early November.

How do you spool a baitcaster with fluorocarbon?

When spooling fluorocarbon on a baiticaster, turn the spool up on it’s side and make sure the line feeds from the top of the spool into the reel. Put resistance on the line spool, and wind it on evenly and slowly. Braided line should be tightly wound on the reel. Fluorocarbon needs firm tension but not ultra tight.

What is a Lew tournament pro speed spool®?

The Tournament Pro Speed Spool® is a totally new design. Sleek. Slim and light, this baitcaster is built for serious fishing. Its 11-ball bearing system makes for smooth casting and retrieving, and its ZeroReverse one-way clutch is built for“catching, not just fishing. You’re in total control with Lew’s MSB braking system.

Why choose Lew’s tournament pro reel?

Slim and light, the Tournament Pro is built for serious fishing. Its 11-ball bearing system makes for smooth casting and retrieving, and its ultra-light design is making it a go-to reel for serious tournament anglers. Zero-Reverse one-way clutch is built for catching, not just fishing. You’re in total control with Lew’s® MSB braking system.

How do you adjust the spool on a Lew fishing reel?

Hold the rod at about 2 o’clock and push the thumbar to release the spool. Tighten or loosen the spool tension knob so that the lure falls in free spool and the spool stops spinning when the lure hits the ground. Lew’s pro staff angler Mark Rose recommends that you set the magnetic brake on the other side of the reel to 5.

How does a Lew’s Super Duty speed spool work?

The star drag on some Lew’s baitcast reels, such as the Super Duty Speed Spool, can be cranked down to generate a remarkable 20 pounds of drag resistance. It is exactly what’s needed to horse bass out of dense cover. The spool tension knob behind the handle puts pressure on the end of the spool’s main shaft.