What does Jamaican fragment mean?

What does Jamaican fragment mean?

Jamaican fragment is a story of a man who everyday saw two boys – one white and one black playing together. One day he saw that white boy though small ordering the big boy and later is obeying the former like a servant in the man’s opinion.

Who was the white man at the gate the next day what information did he share with the narrator How did the narrator react to it?

Answer: The white man is surprised at the narrator’s outburst because he is not worried at the idea of a white boy playing the role of a servant in the presence of a black. Both are his children ‘ and he does not impute motives to their actions. He knows that it is just a game.

What did they write on the kite?

Ans : The big kite was covered with lovely red paper. Gold tinsel stars were pasted all over it. The full names of the narrator’s brother and herself i.e. Claude Leete and Philippa Leete and their location ‘Big Half Moon Lighthouse’ were written on the kite.

Why was the narrator Puzzled?

Explanation: They saw everyone in the mainland had relations but they had no relatives with whom they could mix and converse….why they had no relation puzzled narrator and Claude.

Why was Claude standing foolishly?

Explanation: Claude stood looking foolish because the kite he and Philippa were flying was flown away. Claude and Philippa were flying kites because the wind was very pleasant to fly kites. As they went to fly the kite, the kite flew off from Claude’s hand and he stood there looking foolish.

What did not the narrator and Claude understand?

Answer: The narrator’s father looked sorrowful and said it was all his fault, when he was asked if he had any other relation except his children. Claude and the narrator could not understand the reason behind their father’s words.

Who is the narrator of our runaway kite?

Ans. = The narrator’s father received the letter from his sister, the narrator’s Aunt Esther.

What is the theme of the lesson Jamaican fragment?

It deals with a Jamaican’s internal suspicions regarding racial inferiority in the homeland. The lesson brings out the prejudice that almost every person suffers from denominational issues like colour, caste, sex etc. The tone is casual, curious and ironic. The author uses everyday language to create the casual tone.

Was the narrator right in thinking that grown ups are silly in the given circumstances in the story Jamaican fragment Why or why not?

The grown-ups are Silly No, the narrator was not correct because the white man was not silly. He was not a narrow-minded man like the narrator.

What were the questions that arose in the narrator’s mind when he saw the two boys engaged in their game the first time?

Answer. 1) Could it be that he was the son of the servant in the home ? 2) Was it that even as a boy he sensed that in his own country he would be a white man’s beck and call ? This questions arose in his mind for the first time .

What is the newspaper a symbol of how?

A newspaper is a symbol of little justice or joy. The ones who are powerful and evil decide the fate of the ordinary. Every generation leaves its mark through the tales which are written during their time. It is a collection of stories of injustice of everything that our lives are made of.

Why was the narrator surprised the next morning?

The narrator was surprised the next morning because he saw Nicola and Jacopo , the two boys he met selling wild strawberries , shining shoes in the public square. Nicola told him that the did many other jobs other than selling strawberries.

Why do you think the narrator smiled at the end?

Answer. Answer: The narrator smiled at the end because the white man’s wife was brown and his two sons were same as their parents, just contrast of color.

Why is the newspaper compared to a court?

Why has the newspaper been compared to a court? Ans: A newspaper is like a court because everyone is kindly and unfairly tried by a group of honest men who are too caught up in their righteous indignation.

How does the run away kite help to reunite the family?

5. What is the thing that was responsible for the reunion between the narrator’s family and her aunt’s? Answer:- The run away kite was responsible for the reunion between the narrator’s family and her aunt’s.

Why is the kite compared to a bird?

Kite is a medium-sized bird of prey that is known for its V-shaped tail. Typically, a kite has a small head, short beak, partly bare face and long narrow wings and tail. It belongs to the Accipitridae family. As compared to eagles, they are smaller in size and weigh less.

What does the narrator imagine when he sees a white man standing at the gate and watching the two boys?

There was a white man standing at the gate, watching the children play. The narrator thought that the white man was a passerby. The man smiled and informed that the two boys were his sons. Because he married a black Jamaican woman, their sons were black and white.

Why is the narrator surprised?

The narrator was surprised because he had assumed that the dark boy had internalized this was not true. It was merely a game where both the boys took turns to give orders to the other.

What made the narrator of the lesson Jamaican fragment think that the adults were silly?

Narrator wanted to clarify that, the white boy was not commanding the black and the two boys were playing a game. He told the white man that we grown-ups were silly. The reason is that though their father was a white man their mother was a brown woman.

What did Anil teach the narrator?

Answer. Explanation: Anil offered the narrator Hari food,shelter and some work. He even taught him to cook ,read and write.

What do you think are the injustices a newspaper can do?

Answer: The newspaper may give Fake news so that it can hide the important news. That may lead to various CIRCUMSTANCES.

How did the narrator come to the conclusion that grown ups are silly?

How did the narrator come to the conclusion that grown-ups are silly? Considering the misunderstanding he had about the boys, the narrator thought that adults often fail to understand the innocence in children. Due to over concern for children, they fail to see the goodness in them.

Why is the narrator shocked when the man talks about throwing away Name wealth position and doing a small business?

he looked as if he was in a dustbin for a week. When such a man talks about throwing away name,wealth,position and doing a small business Narrator was shocked. Explanation: he looked as if he was in a dustbin for a week.

Why did Aunt Esther turn pale?

When she saw the letter stuck on the kite, aunt Esther turned pale because it was that very letter which she had once written to his brother and the names of her parents were written on it.

What is the contrasting picture that the poet creates in stanza one?

In the first paragraph, the poet has created the contrasting picture of ‘merciful’ as well as ‘sneering’ men. These are people who either sneer at the stories carried by the newspaper or are sympathetic towards them.

What puzzled the narrator and Claude?

Answer. Answer: The narrator’s father didn’t seem to have any relations except his children, whereas the narrator and her brother saw that everybody on the mainland had relations. This used to puzzle Claude and the narrator.

How is the newspaper a game?

A newspaper is like a game because one person’s errors bring victory to a player while another’s skill wins death. A mistake made by a scribe can change the outcome of a particular game while another person’s skilled reportage could herald someone’s death.