What does extended slide lock do?

What does extended slide lock do?

Precision Extended Slide Lock, (also known as the “take down lever”)—This piece helps you take the slide off your Glock for field stripping, cleaning, and maintenance. No matter what color, the Precision Extended Slide Lock will make you a better operator as it allows you to field strip the gun much faster and easier.

What does the slide lock on a Glock do?

A slide stop, sometimes referred to as a slide lock or slide release, on a semi-automatic handgun is a function that visually indicates when a handgun has expended all loaded ammunition and facilitates faster reloading by pulling back the slide or depressing the slide lock to advance the first round of a new magazine.

What is an extended slide release?

Glock extended slide releases will allow you to more easily manipulate your pistol during reloads or malfunctions. The Glock extended slide stop and releases are a must have upgrade for any Glock pistol. This is a great upgrade for carry or competition.

Do Glocks have slide locks?

The GLOCK Ambidextrous slide stop lever makes it easier for gun owners to quickly, safely and comfortably manipulate the slide whether they are left-handed or right-handed. For detailed information on compatibility and availability please contact your local GLOCK dealer.

Why did Magill open glockstore?

As GlockStore rapidly grew, to again answer overwhelming requests, Magill opened a retail showroom… initially to accommodate Law Enforcement and Military Personnel looking for a local resource to service their duty and off-duty handguns.

Where can I buy the best Glock accessories?

Lenny Magill | Best Glock Accessories | GlockStore.com Lenny Magill is an internationally recognized firearms authority with particular expertise in Glock handguns… Javascript is disabled on your browser. To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser. The World´s #1 source for glock parts & accesories

Where is the Lenny Magill retail store?

The retail store is housed in the GlockStore World Headquarters which is over 50,000 square feet in size and also houses all of the various Lenny Magill businesses. GSPC & Double Diamond: Under the brand names GSPC & Double Diamond, we manufacture a number of high performance handgun parts exclusively for the Glock pistol.

Is Glock owned by glockstore?

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