What does EPHA2 stand for?

What does EPHA2 stand for?

EPH receptor A2

Aliases EPHA2, Epha2, AW545284, Eck, Myk2, Sek-2, Sek2, ARCC2, CTPA, CTPP1, CTRCT6, EPH receptor A2, ECK
External IDs OMIM: 176946 MGI: 95278 HomoloGene: 20929 GeneCards: EPHA2
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What are ephrin ligands?

Ephrin-A ligands are GPI-anchored to the plasma membrane and signal through co-receptors that have not yet been fully defined. Ephrin-B ligands are transmembrane and are linked to an intracellular PDZ-binding motif via a linker containing five tyrosine resides for autophosphorylation.

What is Eph biology?

Eph/ephrin signaling regulates a variety of biological processes during embryonic development including the guidance of axon growth cones, formation of tissue boundaries, cell migration, and segmentation.

How are ephrin Bs are attached to the membrane?

Ephrin-A ligands are attached to the plasma membrane via a glycophosphatidylinositol (GPI) linkage, whereas the ephrin-B ligand contains a transmembrane domain and a cytoplasmic tail [41]. Similar to slits, ephrins can function as either directional or non-directional guidance factors.

What is the full form of Eph?

EPH – Edema Proteinuria And Hypertension.

What is forward and reverse signaling?

Eph receptors mediate ‘forward’ signaling which involves tyrosine kinase dependent pathways, and ephrins mediate ‘reverse’ signaling, which for ephrinB proteins involves their phosphorylation by cytoplasmic tyrosine kinases [15,16]. Consequently, both forward and reverse signaling is bidirectional.

What does Eph mean in the Bible?


Acronym Definition
EPH Ephesians (bible)
EPH Environmental and Public Health
EPH Ephrata (Amtrak station code; Ephrata, GA)
EPH Evidence for Public Health

What is Eph in banking?

The Full Form of EPH is‍ Electronic Payment Handling. An electronic payment (e-payment), in short, can be simply defined as paying for goods or services on the internet. It includes all financial operations using electronic devices, such as computers, smartphones or tablets.

What is forward signaling?

To properly keep track of signaling through ephrin activation of the Eph receptor and vice versa, biologists refer to signaling into the Eph receptor-expressing cell as the “forward signal,” as distinguished from signaling into the ephrin-expressing cell, the “reverse signal.” Thus, when an Eph-expressing cell …

What is backward signaling also give example?

backward signal: A signal sent from the called to the calling station, i.e., from the original data sink to the original data source. (188) Note: Backward signals are usually sent via a backward channel and may consist of supervisory, acknowledgment, or control signals.

What is Eph medical?

EPH. edema, proteinuria, hypertension.

What is the name Eph short for?

EPH. Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons. Academic & Science » Chemistry.

What is EphA2 and what is it for?

The tyrosine kinase EphA2, which belongs to the family of Eph receptors, is highly produced in tumor tissues, while found at relatively low levels in most normal adult tissues, indicating its potential application in cancer treatment. After 30 years of investigation, a large amount of data regarding EphA2 functions have been compiled.

What is tyrosine kinase EphA2?

The tyrosine kinase EphA2, which belongs to the family of Eph receptors, is highly produced in tumor tissues, while found at relatively low … Eph receptors and the corresponding Eph receptor-interacting (ephrin) ligands jointly constitute a critical cell signaling network that has multiple functions.

What is the target gene for epha2-se?

EphA2 is the target gene of EphA2-SE, and EphA2-SE functions through its target gene. Therefore, we overexpressed EphA2 in HeLa, HCT-116 and MCF-7 cells, and western blotting results showed that EphA2 protein was overexpressed successfully (Fig. 4 a). As shown in Fig. 4 b, EphA2-SE deletion significantly inhibited cell growth at 72 and 96 h.

What are the human phenotypes for EphA2?

GenomeRNAi human phenotypesfor EPHA2: Increased vaccinia virus (VACV) infection no effect shRNA abundance <= 50% Mildly decreased CFP-tsO45G cell surface transport Negative genetic interaction between PTEN-/- and PTEN+/+ Decreased cell migration Decreased viability