What does CSD stand for?

What does CSD stand for?

Commercial Services Division (various organizations) CSD.

What is CSD in bioinformatics?

The Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) is a highly curated and comprehensive resource. Established in 1965, the CSD is the world’s repository for small-molecule organic and metal-organic crystal structures.

What is CSD in education?

About the Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) Education Survey. The CSD Education Survey is a joint effort between the Council of Academic Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CAPCSD) and ASHA.

What does CSD mean in finance?

A central securities depository (CSD) is an institution that holds financial instruments, including equities, bonds, money market instruments and mutual funds. It allows ownership of those instruments to be transferred in electronic form through updating electronic records which are often known as ‘book-entry records’.

What does CSD stand for in social work?

Abbreviations Used in this Manual

AAHB Alberta Adult Health Benefit
CSD Common Service Delivery
CSS Child Support Services
CT Client Type
CTB Child Tax Benefit

What is CSD in chemistry?

The Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) is both a repository and a validated and curated resource for the three-dimensional structural data of molecules generally containing at least carbon and hydrogen, comprising a wide range of organic, metal-organic and organometallic molecules.

How do you cite a CSD database?

​We recommend that the CSD Refcode (entry ID) is included in the body of your paper in the style CSD-REFCOD, and that the original publication where the structure was published is cited in your references section.

What is CSD in construction?

Traditionally this is done manually on Combined Services Drawings (CSD), layout plans and sectional views showing the arrangement of all MEP utilities passing through the congested regions of the building.

What is a CSD participant?

Private investors. Computershare is a CSD Participant which provides own name custody for all private. investors. Clients’ shares are not held in a nominee but in own name accounts.

What does CSD mean military?

The Client Services Division (CSD) referred you to this slideshow because information you provided indicated you had questions about Army support obligations.

What are the features of CSD numbers?

The CSD is a widely used repository for small-molecule organic and metal-organic crystal structures for scientists….Contents.

Query structures % of CSD
Disorder present in structure 256,019 25.8
Polymorphic structures 29,817 3.0
R-factor < 0.100 935,419 94.4
R-factor < 0.075 845,708 85.3

What does CSD mean in the census?

Census subdivision (CSD) Definition. Census subdivision (CSD) is the general term for municipalities (as determined by provincial/territorial legislation) or areas treated as municipal equivalents for statistical purposes (e.g., Indian reserves, Indian settlements and unorganized territories).

What is a CSD code in Canada?

The census subdivision (CSD) code is a three-digit code that is based on the Standard Geographical Classification (SGC). In order to uniquely identify each CSD in Canada, the two-digit province/territory (PR) code and the two-digit census division (CD) code must precede the CSD code.

What is the purpose of the CSD?

The CSD provides sustainment support to the JCSE for vehicle management, power generation, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, engineering, maritime operations, parachute packing, and communications equipment movement and distribution.

What does CSD stand for in banking?

About CSD — CSD (aka Communication Service for the Deaf, Inc. As part of its ongoing build-out programme following its establishment as an issuer CSD in December 2012, BNY Mellon CSD established a link with Euroclear Bank in June 2014 as the first step to its transition to investor CSD status.