What does BLC mean in orchids?

What does BLC mean in orchids?

Brassolaeliocattleya, abbreviated Blc. in the horticultural trade, is the orchid nothogenus for intergeneric hybrid greges containing at least one ancestor species from each of the three ancestral genera Brassavola R.Br., Cattleya Lindl.

What time of year do Cattleya orchids bloom?

The Cattleya is often in bloom for Mother’s Day in the spring but many bloom in the fall as well. As the pseudobulbs on our Cattleya mature we begin to look for the bloom sheath that emerges from where the leaf meets the top of the pseudobulb. The sheath will cover the developing bloom as it matures.

How do I get my Cattleya orchid to bloom?

To grow well and to flower consistently, cattleyas require a good amount of light, preferably in the range from 2,000 to 3,000 foot-candles (about 65-70% shade), although they will tolerate a great deal more light if it is accompanied by sufficient humidity and air movement to keep the leaf-temperature down.

Why is my Cattleya not blooming?

If Cattleyas don’t re-bloom, it’s generally a light level issue. They are not a low light plant and need to be grown in a south, southeast or southwest window. Too much sunlight can burn the leaves, but make sure your leaves look yellow.

How do you care for a Cattleya?

Cattleyas prefer to dry out between waterings, and should not be watered more than once a week. If the orchid’s potting medium still seems damp, wait another day. Water more regularly when the orchid flowers or is about to flower. A clay pot will help pull water away from the roots and prevent fungus.

How many species of Cattleya orchids are there?

cattleya, (genus Cattleya), genus of about 45 species of orchids (family Orchidaceae), several of which are commercially important as ornamentals and florists’ plants.

Does cattleya need full sun?

Light – Like most flowering plants, cattleyas want bright light in order to grow and flower well. Some species in the cattleya alliance grow in nearly full sun in their native habitats, although most of the commonly cultivated species and hybrids prefer just slightly shadier conditions than this.

When can you repot cattleyas?

Generally, cattleyas need repotting about every 2 years or so. By letting the plant continue to grow out of the pot, when repotting it will be misshapen and will be difficult to repot into a new container.

Does Cattleya need full sun?

What is the best fertilizer for cattleya orchids?

Cattleyas Do Best with an Orchid Specific Fertilizer That is, give them a standard 10-10-10 fertilizer at half strength or a 20-20-20- fertilizer at quarter strength once a week. When your orchid rests after the growing season, the feeding should be reduced to once every two weeks until the next growing season.

What is the best fertilizer for Cattleya orchids?

Can Cattleya grow in full sun?