What does Auto life do in Final Fantasy 10?

What does Auto life do in Final Fantasy 10?

List of abilities

Ability MP Cost Description
Dispel 12 Remove positive status effects from a target.
Regen 40 Target restores a fraction of HP each turn for 10 turns.
Holy 85 Heavy Holy elemental damage to a target. Spell power of 100.
Auto-Life 97 Automatically revives KO’d target with 25% of Max HP.

How do you use auto potions in FFX?

Final Fantasy X Auto-Potion can be customized to any customizable armor by spending four Stamina Tablet items. When in use the character will use a Potion to heal themselves after taking damage when in HP Critical status.

How does auto Phoenix work FFX?

Auto-Phoenix is an auto-ability that requires twenty Mega Phoenixes to customize it to a character’s armor. The ability automatically has the user use a Phoenix Down or Mega Phoenix from the player’s inventory after a party member is Knocked Out to immediately revive them.

How do you get stamina tablets in FFX?

Final Fantasy X It can be found on the Moonflow by having Rikku use steal on the chests in battle, though this is not guaranteed. They can be stolen from Yunalesca, Abyss Worms, Adamantoises, Ironclads and Vorbans, and bribed from Bashura and Defender.

How do you get mega Phoenix in ff8?

Obtain in Balamb Library Speak to the second girl in the library. She will give you a Mega Phoenix if Zell is in your party. Otherwise, she will give you Elixir.

What are auto abilities in Final Fantasy X?

Auto-Abilities on equipment. Unlike command abilities, auto-abilities in Final Fantasy X automatically take effect and can be assigned to weapons and armor, similar to support abilities in previous games. Pieces of equipment can have a maximum of one to four auto-abilities.

How much HP does auto-life revive a character?

Auto-Life usually revives a character at 1/4 of max HP. This fraction can be changed when, for example, the damage cap lowers it to 9,999 HP, or Magic Booster raises it.

Where can I find auto-life?

Auto-Life is located up of where Cure, Esuna, and the Null- (element)s. You need like 2-3 (can’t remember) Lv.4 Sphere to get Auto-Life. Other than Auto-Life you can also find 3 Lv 2 Strength nodes and other loads of empty nodes.. On the Standard Grids it’s blocked by two Lvl4 Locks.

How many posts on Final Fantasy X civic EG6 neophyte?

Final Fantasy X Civic EG6 Neophyte total posts: 32 since Civic EG6 Neophyte total posts: 32 since how can i get auto life or auto full lif kingdomhearts77 Seeketh Maximus total po kingdomhearts77 Seeketh Maximus total po There’s no such thing as Auto-Full Life.