What does 3 dram mean on shotgun shells?

What does 3 dram mean on shotgun shells?

This refers to the powder charge of modern shotgun shells compared to the equivalent weight in black powder. One dram = 27.34375 grains. A box labeled 3 drams equivalent the velocity will be the same as 3 drams, or about 82 grains of black powder. By the way, one dram = 1.77 grams.

What does dram EQ mean shotgun?

The term “dram equivalent” is a holdover from the days when shotshells were loaded with blackpowder. This gives the shooters an idea of how the shell performs — the amount of pressure generated by the smokeless powder compared to the blackpowder for which those first smokeless powder users had so long been accustomed.

What does HDCP dram EQ mean on shotgun shells?

Rem, Win & Fed 1 1/8 oz handicap loads are rated at 1235 to 1250 fps. That puts them at, or close to being, a 3 1/4 dram eq. load. As for HDCP, that simply means handicap.

What is shotgun Dr EQ?

In this case, the 2 ¾ number is usually followed by these letters: “Dr. Eq.” That refers to “Dram Equivalent”, and is supposed to relate to the equivalent amount of black powder (measured in drams) which will give the same muzzle velocity to the shot in the shell as the more modern powder used in the shell.

What does 3 dram EQ mean?

A box of shotgun shells labeled “3 Dram Equivalent” means it possesses the force of 3 drams of black powder.

What does 3 DRAM EQ mean?

What is the difference in 12-gauge shotgun shells?

From left to right, modern shotgun shells from 12-gauge to . The smaller gauges are generally used for clay target shooting and hunting smaller birds and game animals, while the larger gauges are commonly employed for clay target games, personal defense and for hunting the larger game species like turkey and deer.

What does ounce mean on shotgun shells?

Ounces (oz.) This refers to the total weight of the payload. It’s used for nearly all shot sizes except buckshot, which uses pellet count. For example, a 1-oz. load of #8s has about 410 pellets.

What is Max Dr EQ?

Some boxes of modern ammunition may contain a velocity indicator: “Dr. Eq.” This stands for Dram Equivalent. The first shotshells were loaded with black powder. Some shell boxes may show the velocity as “Max.” (maximum) or “MAG.” (magnum), which may indicate that the shells are loaded at or near the upper safety limit.

Is there a conversion formula for determining DRAM equivalency?

Is there a conversion formula for finding this out? Here’s how you figure dram equivalency: In 12 gauge, a standard 3 dram load with 1-1/8 oz of shot travels 1200 fps. Each 1/4 dram equivalent that you add increases velocity 55 fps.

What is a 3 1/4 dram load?

On the other hand, the 1,145 f.p.s. offering is the traditional 2¾ dram eq. load, and the 1,200 f.p.s. shell is the long-established 3 dram eq. load. The 1,235 f.p.s. handicap load is neither the 3 1/8 dram eq. (1,225 f.p.s.) or the 3 1/4 dram eq. (1,255 f.p.s.).

What is the difference between 3 dram and 2 3/4 DRAM shells?

The other is 2 3/4 dram who’s speed is about 1150 fps. Conventional wisdom holds the 3 dram (1200 fps) shell is ‘better’ for handicap – particularly long range handicap. Three dram shells will, without question, result in more recoil than slightly slower 2 3/4 dram shells.

How many drams equivalent should a shothell be?

For instance, most clay target sports mandate that shotshells be no more than “3 Drams Equivalent,” in order to keep noise and the distance shot will travel minimized on public ranges.