What do you put on the back of a handmade greeting card?

What do you put on the back of a handmade greeting card?

What to write on the back of a handmade card

  1. Contact Details.
  2. A brief artists bio.
  3. Logo.
  4. How the card is made.
  5. Card Inserts – another marketing opportunity.

What is a cling rubber stamp?

Cling Rubber stamps are a type of stamp manufactured by Stampendous, which is a rubber stamp and paper crafting company. This allows you to use the rubber image with an acrylic handle mount, which allows you to view the position of the stamp prior to stamping the image on your paper craft or other art project.

Why should we avoid rubber stamps?

Something as simple as a rubber stamp could be a source of the spread of germs if used by multiple people in the same office. For instance you can buy the Anti-bacterial stamp which can reduce upto 99.9% of bacteria during daily use. In a workplace where germs are rife this stamp could make all the difference!

How do you make a rubber stamp?

Steps Obtain some rubber stamps. Obtain a stamp pad. Color directly on the stamps with water-based markers. Breathe on your stamp. Press the stamp firmly and evenly against the paper. Make the stamp part of a larger design. Cut out your stamps. Clean your stamps with a damp paper towel. Create your own stamps.

How to make DIY rubber stamps?

Select a Favorite Symbol or Logo to Use As a Stamp.

  • Printout Black and White Image on a Laser Printer. Once you image is complete,print them out on a laserjet printer.
  • Apply Steady Heat to the Back From an Iron,and Gradually Peel Away Paper.
  • Using a Straight Blade,Trace the Image Out. Now just begin lightly tracing your image with a exacto blade or the supplied straight cut blade in the Speedball
  • Cut a Chunk of Scrap Wood That Fits the Stamp Dimensions.
  • Use Various Sized Gouges to Remove the Majority of Material. Using the other carving/gouging blades,hog out the remaining sections.
  • Stamp the Top of Handle to Make It Easy to Identify. Stamp the top of the handle with your favorite color of ink.
  • Use Two Part Epoxy to Attach Handle to Rubber Stamp. Use some 5 min two part epoxy to adhere handle to the rubber stamp.
  • Enjoy Stamping! Find your favorite color ink pad and stamp away! 1 Person Made This Project! RbDeraj made it! Did you make this project?
  • Can I endorse checks with a rubber stamp?

    If you deposit a check without signing it or if you sign it with a signature that’s different from the payee’s name on the front of the check, the bank has the right to refuse to honor the check. Although it is permissible to endorse a check with a rubber stamp, you must be careful about who has access to the stamp.

    How rubber stamps are made?

    Most of the other steps involved in producing rubber stamps require skilled hand labor. The sheets of formed rubber are pressed onto sheets of adhering material with adhesive on both sides. The mounted rubber sheets are cut into individual stamps by workers using scissors.