What dance studio does Alyssa Edwards own?

What dance studio does Alyssa Edwards own?

Beyond Belief Dance Company
Johnson lives in Mesquite, Texas, where he owns and operates a dance studio, Beyond Belief Dance Company.

Are Coco and Alyssa friends again?

Alyssa’s face when Coco walked into the werk room will forever be etched into my brain, along with the sound effect, and aggressive zooming. After the two shared some heated exchanges, they eventually made up and were friends again when them competed against each other in All Stars 2.

How much does Alyssa Edwards charge?

Kim Chi: $6,355 per post. Violet Chachki: $6,040 per post. Alyssa Edwards: $5,876 per post.

Which drag queen owns a dance studio?

Alyssa Edwards is a performer and choreographer who lives in Mesquite, Texas. She is the owner and operator of a dance studio, Beyond Belief Dance Company. She chose her stage name Alyssa as an homage to Alyssa Milano and her drag mother Laken Edwards. Alyssa’s mother was a former drag queen.

Who is the richest drag queen?

1. RuPaul Charles Net Worth – $60 Million. According to Tuko, the richest drag queen in the world is RuPaul Charles, who has a net worth of $60 million. He originally began his career in the music industry, releasing his debut studio album ‘Supermodel of the World’ in 1993.

Who is the richest Drag Race contestant?

Courtney Act: US$5 million.

  • Bianca Del Rio: US$4 million.
  • Alyssa Edwards: US$3 million.
  • Raven: US$2 million.
  • Are Alyssa Edwards and Coco Montrese friends?

    It has been reported that Alyssa Edwards and Coco Montrese were close friends before the 2010 Miss America travesty. Fans of the show at the time were speculating that Coco had played a role in snatching the crown.

    Who is Alyssa Edwards?

    Justin Dwayne Lee Johnson, also known by his stage name Alyssa Edwards is an American drag performer, choreographer, and businessperson. Alyssa Edwards famously won the Miss Gay America pageant in 2010 but was stripped off of the crown shortly after.

    Who is Alyssa Edwards’ drag mother?

    Fellow Season 5 queen Vivienne Pinay is also considered an honorary member. Alyssa’s drag mother is Laken Edwards, a drag sister of Alexis Davenport, and the Davenport drag family. Alyssa owns her own dance studio, ‘Beyond Belief’, located in Mesquite, Texas.

    Was Alyssa Edwards dethroned from Miss Gay America?

    Alyssa Edwards was dethroned after winning Miss Gay America in 2010 by the Miss Gay America organisation, which conducts national pageants for female impersonators.