What countries were responsible for growing the most biotech crops in 2012?

What countries were responsible for growing the most biotech crops in 2012?

Brazil, the engine of biotech crop growth For the fourth consecutive year, Brazil was the engine of growth globally in 2012, increasing its hectarage of biotech crops more than any other country in the world – a record 6.3 million hectare increase, equivalent to an impressive year-over-year increase of 21%.

What are the 4 major biotech crops?

The primary biotech crops grown in the United States are corn, cotton and soybeans, but also grown are sugar beets, alfalfa, canola, papaya and squash.

What crop makes up the largest portion of GM crops?

The top GM crop grown in 2015 was soybean (92.1 MHa), followed by maize (53.6 Mha), then cotton (24 Mha) and oilseed rape (canola) (8.5 Mha) (Figure 4). This represents 83% of the world production of soybean, and 75% of production of cotton.

What is the most genetically modified crop?

Corn: Corn is the most commonly grown crop in the United States, and most of it is GMO. Most GMO corn is created to resist insect pests or tolerate herbicides.

Which 5 countries were responsible for growing the most biotech crops in 2012 how many hectares were devoted to these crops?

The five lead developing countries in biotech crops are China and India in Asia, Brazil and Argentina in Latin America, and South Africa on the continent of Africa, collectively grew 78.2 million hectares (46% of global) and together represent ~40% of the global population of 7 billion, which could reach 10.1 billion …

Where are GMO used?

GMOs are widely used in food, especially in processed foods because staple crops such as soy beans and corn are nearly all modified. The National Center for Food and Agricultureal Policy estimates that 85 percent of U.S. corn is genetically modified.

What are the 11 GMO crops?

In the United States there are 11 commercially available genetically modified crops in the United States: soybeans, corn (field and sweet), canola, cotton, alfalfa, sugar beets, summer squash, papaya, apples and potatoes.

Where is biotechnology used?

Today, biotechnology is being used in countless areas including agriculture, clincial applications, bioremediation and forensics, where DNA sequencing is a common practice. Industry and medicine alike use the techniques of PCR, immunoassays and recombinant DNA.

How many countries adopted biotech crop since 1996?

70 Countries
Since the first year of commercial planting of biotech crops in 1996, more than 70 countries from all over the world have either planted or imported biotech crops.

Where does the US rank among the producers of biotechnology crops?

From 1992–2003, 16 countries made a total of 224 planting approvals of biotech crops with the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa and China being the top 5 countries….TABLE 1.

Rank 1
Country United States
Cultivation Approvals 1992–2003 96
2004–2014 60
Total 156

Where is GMO used?

Who invented GMOs?

An enormous breakthrough in GMO technology came in 1973, when Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen worked together to engineer the first successful genetically engineered (GE) organism [5]. The two scientists developed a method to very specifically cut out a gene from one organism and paste it into another.