What colleges offer first generation scholarships?

What colleges offer first generation scholarships?

School-specific first-generation college student scholarships

  • Coca-Cola First Generation Scholarship.
  • Texas A&M University’s Regents’ Scholars Program.
  • University of Colorado-Boulder’s First Generation Scholars Program.
  • University of California-Berkeley’s George A.
  • Rhode Island College’s Miranda Scholarship.

How much money does the First Generation scholarship?

This $500 award will help high school seniors or current undergraduate students who are the first in their family to attend college or university pay their tuition or student loans.

Is it easier to get into college as a first generation student?

As we’ve gone over, being first-generation is unlikely to hurt your chances of admission to a competitive college. In fact, your first-generation status may not only attract the attention of admissions officers, but also cause your application to be viewed more positively.

Are first generation students at a disadvantage?

According to a 2010 study by Melinda Gibbons and DiAnne Borders, students classified as first generation are more than likely a minority, likely to be from lower income families and have lower academic achievement. These students also are less likely to graduate from college once they attend.

Are scholarships available in Arizona?

Arizona Scholarships are definitely available, though, and many students could use some form of financial aid to cut down on the costs associated with attending college. Conducting a free college scholarship search at Scholarships.com will help students find the college scholarships they need to downsize their tuition bills.

What scholarships does the University of Arizona offer Indigenous students?

Information about the highly competitive, merit-based scholarship sponsored by the Flinn Foundation. The University of Arizona offers our current and incoming Indigenous Wildcats personalized scholarship and financial aid services.

When do scholarship applications open for Arizona State University Tempe?

First-generation college students enrolled in undergraduate degree programs in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences on Arizona State University’s Tempe campus may apply for more than $10,000 in scholarships. First-generation scholarship applications for 2022-2023 open on Monday, September 13, 2021.

How does scholarship universe work at the University of Arizona?

Information regarding each Arizona Merit Tuition Award and eligibility requirements. Scholarship Universe (SU) is our scholarship-matching tool for admitted University of Arizona students. SU connects Wildcats to millions of dollars in internal and external scholarships. We search, Wildcats apply.