What causes P0369?

What causes P0369?

There are a number of causes that could be behind your vehicle’s P0369 code. The most common reasons are: A dead/weak battery. A faulty starter motor.

What is P0365 code?

What the P0365 code means. Essentially, the P0365 code means that there has been a lack of voltage detected from the camshaft position sensor B in bank 1 by the PCM within a few seconds of the engine starting. Note that the “B” means that this sensor is located in the exhaust side of the cylinder head.

What can cause a P0344 code?

The P0344 code may be stored for a number of reasons, including: An open or shorted camshaft position sensor. A faulty camshaft position sensor. Poor electrical connection to the camshaft position sensor.

What causes P0344?

Causes of the P0344 Code Defective camshaft position sensor. Electrical short or damaged wiring. Malfunctioning camshaft position sensor tone ring. PCM issues, either defective or lack of updates.