What caste is kamboh?

What caste is kamboh?

“Lohanas are a still existing Jat clan, whereas Kambojas are a separate caste of the Hindus, nowadays called Kamboh and Kamboha found on the GT Road near Karnal town and other areas.”

Is kamboj a Rajput?

Kamboh/Kamboj in Modern Times The Kambojs, by tradition, are divided into 52 and 84 clans. Numerous of their clan names overlap with other Kshatriyas and the Rajput castes of the north-west India, thereby suggesting that some of the Kshatriya/Rajput clans of north-west must have descended from the Ancient Kambojas.

Is kamboj a Brahmin?

Kamboj is an ethnic group from Punjab that is mainly found in India and Pakistan. Many people from this caste use Kamboj and Kamboh as their surname both in India and Pakistan; be they Hindu, Muslim or Sikh….

Aggarwal Gaur Brahmin Kanyakubj Brahmin
Sikh Jat Gupta Teli
Vaishnav Kurmi kshatriya

Is Thind a Jatt last name?

Thind (ਥਿੰਦ/थिंद) is Jat Gotra in Punjab.

Which caste is Thind?

Thinds belong to Kamboj caste.

Are kamboj Brahmins?

Other pre-Common Era references appear in the Manusmriti (2nd century) and parts of the Mahabharata, both of which described the Kambojas as former kshatriyas (warrior caste) who had degraded through a failure to abide by Brahmanical sacred rituals.

Who are the Kamboh people?

The Kamboh are found in Punjab of Pakistan. The Kamboj people are the modern representatives of ancient Kambojas, a well known Kshatriya tribe of Indo-Aryans, stated to have had both Indian as well as Iranian affinities and mentioned in ancient Sanskrit texts and epigraphy.

What is another name for Kamboj?

For other uses, see Kamboja. The Kamboj ( Punjabi: ਕੰਬੋਜ Kamboj, Hindi: कंबोज Kamboj ), also Kamboh ( Urdu: کمبوہ ALA-LC: Kamboh ), is a community mainly in the Northern India and Eastern Pakistan . Look up Kamboj in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

How do you write Kamboj in Urdu?

In Hindi, Kamboj is written as कम्बोज or काम्बोज. In Punjabi, Kamboj is written as ਕੰਬੋਜ. Some places Kamboj people in Punjab are also pronounced as Kamboh (ਕੰਬੋ). In Urdu, Kamboj is written as کمبوہ‎. Urdu is spoken in Pakistan and mostly Kamboj people in Pakistan use Kamboh.

Who are the Kambojas of Maharashtra?

A minuscule agrarian community called Kambhoj is living in Maharashtra which probably has descended from those Kambojas who had settled in South-West India around Christian era. The Kamboh are found in Punjab of Pakistan.