What case should I get for my iPhone 6?

What case should I get for my iPhone 6?

Best Cases for iPhone 6s in 2022

  • Practical protection: Spigen Tough Armor for iPhone 6/6s.
  • Tasty choice: Speck CandyShell Grip for iPhone 6s.
  • It’s a toughy: Urban Armor Gear for iPhone 6s.
  • The whole package: OtterBox Defender for iPhone 6s.
  • Waterproof for Life: Lifeproof FRĒ Series Waterproof Case for iPhone 6s.

Are all iPhone 6 cases the same size?

Yes! The dimensions for some iPhone models only differ by 0.1-0.2 mm which allows the same case to fit multiple iPhone models perfectly! Below you can see which cases are compatible with each other: 6 / 6S, 7, 8 and SE (2020)

Is there a difference between iPhone 6 and 6s cases?

The iPhone 6s has the same form factor as its predecessor the iPhone 6, except that it is 0.01 inches thicker and wider. This increase is so minor that it should not affect cases, but just to be sure you may want to check with the manufacturer.

Are iPhone 7 cases the same as 6?

Yes, an iPhone 7 case can fit an iPhone 6 as both phones have the exact same size dimensions. They both measure 138.3mm or 5.44 inches in length and 67.1mm or 2.64 inches in width.

Should I buy an iPhone case from Apple?

For those who prefer the look and feel of leather, we’ve found Apple’s Leather Case to be notably better than those of any other brand we’ve tested over the years. It’s the thinnest, most attractive leather case available, and it offers as much protection as you could hope for from this style.

Do iPhone 6 and 6s cases fit?

The iPhone 6s is almost the same size as the iPhone 6—in inches it’s the same height and width, but the 6s is bigger by fractions of a millimeter. That’s 0.01 inches (0.2 mm) thicker than the iPhone 6. And the 6s weighs more, too. There’s a good chance your iPhone 6 case can fit on the iPhone 6s.

Can I use the same case for iPhone 6 and 6s?

Is the iPhone 6 and 8 the same size?

It’s a clear throwback device, paying homage to the iPhone 6 design that was more recently used with the iPhone 8. In fact, it’s practically identical to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 8 – down to the 4.7-inch screen, home button, and Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Why you shouldn’t use a phone case?

1. Phone cases don’t offer 100% protection. Majority of individuals that slap a case on their smartphone as soon as they buy it do so because they want to use their phone as long as possible. They sometimes even increase the chances of your smartphone getting damaged.

How to pick the best iPhone 6 case?

Consider Your Budget. (Incipio) Sometimes,the most important factor when buying an iPhone case is the amount of money in your wallet. If you

  • Reflect on Your Lifestyle.
  • Figure Out What Cases Are Aesthetically Pleasing to You.
  • Weigh the Merits of Special Features.
  • Pick an iPhone 6 Case With the Right Level of Protection.
  • What are the best iPhone 6 cases and covers?

    The best iPhone 6 cases and covers Ballistic Jewel iPhone 6 Case. Caseology Wavelength Textured Pattern Grip Cover. Cable and Case ArmorBox Hybrid Case. Spigen Tough Armor FX Case. Zagg Speaker Case. Mikol Case. Patchworks ITG Level Case. Magpul Carrying Case. Rhinoshield Crash Guard Bumper. Vesel Wood Series iPhone Case.

    Does iPhone 6 need a case?

    The iPhone doesn’t need a case. You need it 🙂 Because you want to protect it from accidental fall. The issue is that most (if not all) the cases are ugly and bulky, just the opposite of the iPhone design but, this Sunthetic company has created a case that protects your iPhone without hiding its beauty.

    What is the most protective phone case?

    Speck Products Presidio Perfect-Clear. Speck carefully crafts a case’s design to contour to every type of smartphone,being careful not to block or impede anything important like lenses or

  • Diverbox Waterproof Case. For an almost-everything-proof iPhone case,take a deep dive into the Diverbox.
  • Smartish Gripzilla.
  • Mous Limitless 3.0 Protective Case.