What cartridges fit Cross fountain pens?

What cartridges fit Cross fountain pens?

Your Cross fountain pen takes one of two different sized ink cartridges. Slim Cross fountain pens like the Century Classic and Spire series use a SLIM ink cartridge. Regular diameter fountain pens use the standard Cross ink cartridge.

Are all fountain pen converters the same?

A variety of manufacturers produce the same style of cartridge or converter and they are all compatible with each other. On the other hand, certain fountain pen brands may use cartridges and converters that are proprietary (made to fit) their pens.

Are all fountain pen cartridges the same size?

Most modern fountain pens are crafted to accept either a disposable ink cartridge or a ink converter. Ink cartridges are usually offered in two sizes – long and short (international size). The most widely compatible ink cartridge is the international size, which can be used for 90% of all cartridge-using fountain pens.

Are Cross fountain pen nibs interchangeable?

Each nib is specific to a pen model, and wont fit other pens.

Are fountain pen converters Universal?

There are many different styles of fountain pen ink cartridges and converters. Standard International: Standard international ink cartridges have the same size receptacle can be used with many different fountain pen brands including Delta, Conklin, Monteverde, Montegrappa, and more.

Are all cross pen refills the same?

Most Cross multi-pens and pencils use standard mini ballpoint refills and . 5mm pencil lead. We recommend Monteverde liquid ink mini ballpoint refills available in eleven colors. If you like standard ballpoint ink in your multi-pen, Fisher offers a mini ballpoint refill that can be snapped to the exact size you need.

How do I identify my fountain pen?

Usually just the tip of the nib is visible. Imprint – Typically found on the barrel of fountain pens, the imprint might have the manufacturers name, model number, patent number and even a small logo. Some pens also have a model number imprinted on the end of the barrel. Ink – Ink is used in fountain pens to write with.

How many mm is a fine nib?

Common nib sizes F (fine). A nib that will give a line width of around 0.6mm. Suitable for those with small writing.

Are fountain pen nibs replaceable?

A fountain pen nib is not permanently fixed in place, and needs to be removed to change the ink cartridge, or refill a fountain pen converter. This means that you can also replace this whole fountain pen nib section, as easily as you took the old one out.

What is standard size fountain pen cartridge?

approx. 2 inches
Proper size for you: our pen ink cartridges measure approx. 2 inches/ 5.1 cm in the length and the diameter is 0.28 inches/ 0.7 cm, please notice that the bore diameter is 3.4 mm, which is standard international size for you to replace,Please check if the size matches the one you need before buying.

What diameter is a pen refill?

Size. About 2.6 inches long and 2.3 mm in diameter. Ink Type. Generally, D1 pen refills are miniaturized ballpoint refills and are almost all interchangeable.

Will the cross standard ink converter work with my fountain pen?

The Cross Standard Ink Converter comes in both a Push In and Screw In version. They will only fit some Cross fountain pens. The Schmidt standard ink converters are used by many fountain pens on the market.

What brands of ink converters fit Parker fountain pens?

Faber-Castell, Montegrappa, Pineider, Tibaldi, and Visconti are some of the brands with this length piston converter. The Parker ink converter has a unique size and shape that will only fit it some Parker fountain pens. It will sometimes fit pens from other brands.

What is the difference between the Montblanc ink converter and Waterman converter?

The Montblanc Ink Converter has a unique size and shape that only fits certain Montblanc fountain pens. The Waterman ink converter has a unique size and shape that only fits certain Waterman fountain pens. There are a number of 75 mm long fountain pen ink converters on the market. They come in both screw in and push in versions.

What ink converters work with Rotring artpen pens?

The Rotring ArtPen ink converter has a unique size and shape that will only fit Rotring ArtPen fountain pens. Lamy makes two fountain pen ink converters that will only fit their fountain pens. The Z27 (formerly LZ26) and Z28 (LZ24) have unique sizes and shapes.