What can you put in a Christmas gift basket?

What can you put in a Christmas gift basket?

Whether it is to warm up after a day of winter activities or to take along as you view the holiday lights, hot chocolate is a holiday must. Mugs, paper to-go cups, yummy varieties of hot chocolate, marshmallows, candy canes and stir sticks are perfect items to include in this gift basket.

What do you put in a holiday gift box?

A holiday gift box for work generally contains drinkware, snacks, productivity tools, and fun activities that the recipient can enjoy with coworkers, friends, and family.

What should I put in a Christmas gift basket?

One of the best things to put in a Christmas gift basket is hot cocoa. You can throw in some candy canes to stir the hot cocoa with, and a package of delicious marshmallows. You can also add a beautiful Christmas-themed mug, which can be inexpensive.

How do you make a gift basket?

Basic Technique Decide on a theme. Make or buy the gift items. Choose an appropriate basket. Layer filler in the bottom of the basket. Arrange the gift items inside. Wrap the entire basket. Attach an enclosure card, if desired.

What to put in a gift basket?

For a guy who loves music, put together a music-related gift basket. This can include items such as concert tickets to see his favorite band, CDs, band T-shirts, signed concert posters or a gift card for MP3 downloads. If he plays a musical instrument, include accessories for the instrument, such as guitar picks or an electronic tuner.

How to make Christmas baskets?

– Start with a square of paper. – With the single fold at the bottom, fold down side with several creases to touch bottom edge. – Now you’re ready to cut designs in the paper. – In a well-ventilated area, arrange snowflakes on white paper so they overlap slightly. – Shake can of paint well before spraying lightly over paper, using gentle back and forth motion.