What can I use a cereal dispenser for?

What can I use a cereal dispenser for?

They can be used for coffee beans, dry pet food, and as a candy dispenser or rice dispenser, too. If you need rice storage or grain storage because you don’t use either all that much and don’t want to leave an open box or bag in your cabinets, these airtight food storage containers are a great solution.

Can you put candy in cereal dispenser?

It is suitable for a wide variety of dry foods such as cereal, trail mix, candy, granola to nuts, beans, rice, etc. This food dispenser is ideal for parents as it promotes growing independence as children learn to serve themselves or for people living a healthy or weight conscious lifestyle.

Does cereal stay fresh in a cereal dispenser?

The airtight dispensers will keep your cereal fresh, and it’s a lot easier to track how much of your favourite breakfast option you have left.

Can you put liquid in cereal dispenser?

Some cereal dispensers can also hold liquids, as in cold milk for cereal preparation or mixed powdered drinks. Cereal dispensers can also have their non-food uses.

How does a cereal dispenser work?

Cereal is dispensed by turning a knob on either dispenser which spins a soft rubber paddles. My daughter was very excited to see her cereal out and be able to dispense it herself. This container works pretty well for smaller shaped cereals or anything that can make it between the paddles easily.

Is it OK to store dry dog food in plastic containers?

When it comes to the type of dog food containers you should use, Dr. Nelson says “Plastic or stainless steel containers are fine for storing kibble as long as they are airtight.” It features an airtight food-seal vacuum locking lid designed to ensure freshness and is made of steel for easy cleaning.

How long before cereal goes stale?

When it’s unopened, breakfast cereal lasts six to eight months past the date on the box. If opened, your favorite cereal will typically stay fresh for between four and six months.

Is a cereal dispenser air tight?

The OXO Good Grips POP Cereal Dispensing Containers are airtight and space-efficient, making it easy to keep your cereal, granola and snacks fresh and your kitchen organized. The contoured Container is comfortable to hold, even when the Container is full and the round opening is shaped for even, controlled pouring.

What size container holds a box of cereal?

They can hold anywhere from 1.5-8 quarts, though larger slimline containers are usually used for other dry goods like flour and pasta, as most standard cereal boxes come with no more than half a quart worth of product.