What can I buy in Maldives airport?

What can I buy in Maldives airport?

Souvenirs. A range of batik sarong with wrap-around, wooden handy-crafts & other memorabilia is available from the Duty-free shop. Check around for authentic Maldivian hand-painted t-shirts, lacquered boxes, miniature dhonis, and reed mats if you want to take a piece of the Maldives with you as a memento.

Is alcohol permitted in Maldives?

The Maldives is a Muslim country. As such Sharia Law applies which means that alcohol is forbidden. All bags are screened on arrival and any alcohol found is confiscated and you may be fined.

Where to go luxury shopping in Maldives?

Hosting more than 30 brand outlets and flagship stores, classy salons, spa and world-class dining outlets like Manhattan Fish Market, it is unquestionably the classiest place luxury shopping in Maldives. Suggested Read: Nightlife In Maldives: Top 10 Places To Enjoy The Life On The Island At Night

Why Nala boutique is the best gift shop in Maldives?

The collection of elegant and expensive dresses and accessories will surely fascinate you at Nala Boutique. Located inside the Kurumba Maldives Resort, this is one of the popular gift and clothing shops in Maldives. From beach toys, kids dress, to women apparels, the shop has every fashion item you need.

What to do in the male local market?

Male Fish Market Located across the road from the fishing boats, the fish market is full of fish of all sizes and various colors. 2. Male Local Market I was fascinated by the colourful offering within the market, fruits and vegetables are plentiful here.

What is oevaali art shop in Maldives?

The Oevaali Art Shop was founded by sisters Raniya and Raya Mansoor in 2015 and is dedicated to making people familiar with the culture and heritage of Maldives through art and design. The art and souvenir shop features a range of paintings, sculptures, and a lot more Maldives souvenirs.