What are the problems of land use act?

What are the problems of land use act?

The problems inherent in the Land Use Act are the lack of implementation guidelines, the entrenchment of the LUA in the Constitution, the inalienability of land in rural areas, the vesting of all land for the use and collective benefit of Nigerians only, inadequate compensation provisions, compensation outside the …

What is the purpose of land use act?

This Law vests all land compromised in the territory of each state solely in the Governor of the State who holds the land in trust for the people and is responsible for allocation of land in all urban areas to individuals residing in the State for residential, agriculture and commercial purposes.

How does the land use decree affect land tenure system in Nigeria?

Customary land tenure in Nigeria placed the Oba in charge of land distribution. With the Land Use Decree (LUD) of 1978, the military government sought to provide Nigeria with a uniform system of land tenure that would guarantee equitable and reliable access to land for production purposes.

What are the problems of land use in Nigeria?

Inadequate information/data is one of the major problems facing land use planning and management in Nigeria. Field investigation reveals lack of data on land use and no comprehensive and up-to-date plan or map showing land use pattern and structure of ownership in most areas.

What is the slum in Lagos called?

Makoko is an informal settlement across the 3rd Mainland Bridge located on the coast of mainland Lagos. A third of the community is built on stilts along the lagoon and the rest is on the land.

How Land Use Act affect the regulation of land in Nigeria?

Under the Land Use Act, the governor is responsible for allocation of land in all urban areas to individuals’ resident in the state or to organizations for residential, agricultural, commercial and other purposes while similar powers with respect to non-urban areas are conferred on the Local Government.

What are the problems of land tenure?

Unfortunately, the impact of tenure on natural resources allocation and exploitation is often ignored in public land policy. Yet land tenure issues contribute to deforestation, degradation of the environment, lowering of carrying capacities of soils, poaching and extinction of wild biotic resources.

How does land tenure system affect agriculture?

Land tenure and property rights affect the application of technologies for agricultural and natural resource management. Secured property rights give sufficient incentives to the farmers to increase their efficiencies in terms of productivity and ensure environmental sustainability.