What are the parking rules in India?

What are the parking rules in India?

Every driver of a motor vehicle parking on any road shall park in such a way that it does not cause or is not likely to cause danger, obstruction or undue inconvenience to other road users and if the manner of parking is indicated by any sign board or markings on the roadside, he shall park his vehicle in such manner.

What do times on parking signs mean?

It is common for restrictions to apply on particular days of the week or only during the main part of the day. Outside the times shown you may park free of charge. If there are no days or times shown on the signs for the bays, the need to abide by the requirements shown on the signs apply at all times.

What are the rules for parking close to an intersection?

Parking a Vehicle on a Corner Rules and Regulations For example, if you are thinking about parking a vehicle on the corner of an intersection with lights, you may park your vehicle no closer than 30 feet away. This equates to about 12 paces from the very front of the car’s bumper to the curb at the intersection.

How do you read a no parking sign?

Signs are meant to be read from Top to Bottom. Also, they are color coded much like traffic lights. Red means there is a prohibition, limitation or No Parking while Green indicates Parking is allowed.

Can I park my car outside my house?

The new parking policy approved recently has introduced a permit system, which effectively means you have to pay to use the public space in front of your home. The annual fee of the permit has been fixed at Rs 1,000 for small cars, Rs 4,000 for medium cars and Rs 5,000 for MUVs/SUVs.

Can I park in disabled space after 6pm?

Disabled badge holders only can park in the space (any time), and between the hours 8am-6pm disabled badge holders are limited to 3 hours with no return for 1 hour.

How close can I park to a dropped kerb?

Specific details. The below is the correct way to park near a dropped kerb. The car is parked at least 1.5 metres (5 feet) clear of the dropped kerb and there are no parking restrictions applying in this part of the road.

How far away from the kerb can you park?

You must however ensure that you park a reasonable distance from the kerb (no more than 12 inches). You can park as close to the kerb as you wish, providing you do not hit it. Ensure you do not park on a sharp bend, too close to a junction that is on your side of the road or opposite a junction.

What is the rule of no parking?

People often tend to park their vehicles anywhere as long as a ‘No Parking’ board is not put up. But there are certain exceptions. One cannot park their vehicle in front of a hospital or school entrance, bus stops, main roads, near traffic signals, or zebra crossings.

What is no parking sign?

“NO PARKING” sign meaning that arrows pointing both sides This sign informs the drivers that both sides of this sign are illegitimate to park your cars. To be more precise, you should not park on any side of the no parking sign. In this situation, you have to search for other parking signs.

What are park rules signs?

Park Rules Signs help you explain and detail out do’s and don’ts so in the park. Keeping everyone informed makes the park safer and cleaner too. Remind visitors of simple rules such as No Climbing and No Loud Music. • Every park has different set of rules. Choose from our large selection of Park Signs and find the ones you need for your park.

What do the signs on the HDB parking lot mean?

Before you park your vehicle at any of the HDB car parks, do read the main signboard for details about the parking schemes, parking hours, and charges. We use 4 different colour codes on our parking lots to denote who can park there and when.

What are the rules for parking in a truck loading zone?

No part of your vehicle should block any part of the driveway. Unless you are a commercial vehicle in the process of loading/unloading, do not park at a Truck Loading Zone. Don’t park in the travel lane (no double parking). Don’t park in a bike lane.

How do I know if I’m in a parking permit zone?

If you find yourself in one of the Area Parking Permit Zones you will see signs like this. Signs are slightly different in each zone, but each one will give the timestay limit (usually in the top corner) and the hours of enforcement.