What are the most valuable jazz vinyl records?

What are the most valuable jazz vinyl records?

He’s equally renowned for his historic vinyl LP auctions, which have set the benchmark for many pressings, including the most valuable jazz record at auction, the aforementioned Hank Mobley 1568, which has sold for more than $5,000 in mint original 1957 form.

Is it worth collecting vinyl records?

Vinyl records are worth it if you are someone who wants the best and enjoys collecting. Vinyl maintains its value while producing great sound and experience for its listeners. Drawbacks to consider for vinyl are maintenance, cost of equipment, and cost of albums.

What kind of jazz records are available on vinyl?

Jazz Vinyl Records. Collectible vinyl jazz records run the gamut from some of the earliest blues, ragtime, and Dixieland 78 RPM recordings to bebop, hard bop, and free jazz LPs. Along the way, the genre includes big band swing, West Coast cool, and international flavors.

How much is a rare jazz record worth?

It’s only a record, for heaven’s sake, but..but..I must have it!! Possession of truly rare records comes at a price, in the case of jazz, somewhere between $3,000 and $8,000, though not as high as the very rarest reggae or punk singles.

How much is a first pressing of a jazz album worth?

The most frequently mentioned are first pressings of early titles of Lee Morgan, Hank Mobley and Sonny Clark, which come in at the $5,000 mark. Many of these will be located in Japan, the biggest market in collectable jazz today. At this level the expectation is that the vinyl and sleeve are excellent to near-mint.

How can you tell if a new jazz record is original?

Many pressings, as with other New Jazz titles, don’t have the wide deep grooves and the Abbey pressing ring on one side, that signifies a true 1st pressing. A copy having these features means there’s none of the notorious New Jazz hiss. But if you do find a copy, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.