What are the mandals in Kurnool district?

What are the mandals in Kurnool district?

List of Mandals in Kurnool district

# Mandal Population
5 Atmakur 76,028
6 Banaganapalle 100,954
7 Bandi Atmakur 48,592
8 Bethamcherla 88,726

What is the Pincode of atmakur Kurnool?

Atmakur Kurnool Pin Code is 518422. Atmakur Kurnool comes under Kurnool district. PIN Code is also known as Zip Code or Postal Code.

How many villages are there in Kurnool mandal?

Total number of villages in this Mandal is 24….Kurnool Mandal population list.

Locations/Villages G.Singavaram
Population 2011 3,352
Male 1,718
Female 1,634
Households 812

How many villages are there in Nandyal Mandal?

39 Villages
Nandyal consist of 39 Villages and 24 Panchayats . Brahmanapalle is the smallest Village and Ayyalur (Rural) is the biggest Village .

How many talukas are there in Kurnool?

Kurnool has a population of 40,53,463 peoples. There are 8,87,652 houses in the district. The Kurnool district is further divided in to Tehsils / Blocks / Community Development Blocks (C.D….List of Blocks (CD) / Tehsils in Kurnool.

# 4
Tehsil (CD Block) Aspari
Area (km²) 421
Population (2011) 65,088

What is Nellore PIN code?

Nellore/Zip codes

What is the Pincode of Vinjamur?

Vinjamur/Zip codes

How many Sachivalayam are there in Kurnool?

There are founded a total = “25” Number of Sachivalayams in “KURNOOL – RURAL“.

How many districts are there in Kurnool?

four districts
Kurnool District is one of the four districts in the Rayalaseema region of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh ….

Kurnool district
• Lok Sabha show Lok Sabha list
• Assembly show Assembly list
• Total 17,658 km2 (6,818 sq mi)

Who is Nandyal MLA?

Silpa Ravi Chandra Kishore Reddy of YSR Congress Party is currently representing the constituency….Nandyal (Assembly constituency)

Total electors 2,56,573
Reservation No
Member of Legislative Assembly
Current MLA Silpa Ravi Chandra Kishore Reddy

Who is Mondal caste?

In Bengal, the Mondal surname is generally found among Mahishya, Subarna Banik, Gandhabanik, Baishya Saha, Sadgop, Tili, Ugra Kshatriya, Kayastha and Scheduled Castes. It is also in vogue among Bengali Muslims and some Christians. Marhal or Mandal is also surname of a Jat clan, found mainly in Punjab.