What are the characteristics of whales?

What are the characteristics of whales?

They are mammals, and they share the defining traits of that group: they breathe air, are warm-blooded, give live birth, suckle their young on milk, and have hair. All are entirely aquatic, with specialized adaptations such as flippers and tail flukes for living in water.

What are the physical characteristics of a blue whale?

The blue whale is an extremely large marine mammal, with a long, torpedo-shaped body. They have blue-gray colored skin, with a slightly lighter colored underside; they have two pectoral fins, a small dorsal fin on their backs, and a large fluke.

What is a blue whale’s behavior?

Blue Whale behaviour Blue whales occasionally swim in small groups but usually swim alone or in pairs. They are thought to form close attachments. Though we can’t hear them, blue whales are one of the loudest animals on the planet, communicating with each other using a series of low frequency pulses, groans, and moans.

What are the adaptive features of whale?

Among these adaptations are: streamlined bodies for efficient movement through water; forelimbs modified into flippers to aid in steering; hind limbs internalized remnants reducing drag; tail positioned horizontally to achieve a powerful up and down propulsion; hair replaced with under-skin blubber to provide warmth …

What are four characteristics used to classify whales?

Identifying whales at sea

  • body length.
  • presence of a dorsal fin.
  • size and position of the dorsal fin.
  • shape and size of flippers.
  • shape of the head and general body shape.
  • presence of a beak.
  • shape of the blow.
  • body colour and patterns.

What are three facts about whales?

Top 10 facts about whales

  • Whales are divided into two main groups.
  • Humpback whales don’t eat for most of the year.
  • All toothed whales have a ‘melon’ in their foreheads.
  • Some whales bubble net feed.
  • There used to be thousands of blue whales.
  • Whales are often caught in nets.

What is the classification of a blue whale?

Blue whale/Class

What are 3 facts about blue whales?

Consider the following.

  • Blue Whales Can Grow More Than 100 Feet Long.
  • They Can Weigh as Much as 30 Elephants.
  • They Have Big Hearts.
  • They Have Big Tongues, Too.
  • They Have the Biggest Babies on Earth.
  • They’re Unusually Loud.
  • They Eat a Lot of Krill.
  • They’re Pretty Fast.

What is the behavioral adaptation?

Behavioral adaptation: something an animal does usually in response to some type of external stimulus in order to survive. Hibernating during winter is an example of a behavioral adaptation. Biotic factors: living components of an environment such as plants and animals.

Why are whales special?

Whales are Biologically Special They are the largest animals on earth. They include the biggest creature ever to have lived on our planet, the 100-foot long female blue whale. Their sheer size commands extreme respect. And whales and dolphins have large and complex brains.