What are the characteristics of fungi?

What are the characteristics of fungi?

Characteristics of Fungi Fungi are eukaryotic organisms means they have true nucleus which are enclosed in membranes. They are non-vascular organisms. They do not have vascular system.

Which is usually compromised by fungi?

•Host is usually compromised Fungal cells • Cell wall composition –Thick layers of Chitin • Indigestable polysaccharide • Spores • Dormant resistant forms –Dormant = metabolically inactive

What are the characteristics of zfungi?

zFungi vary widely in size & shape from unicellular microscopic organism to multicellular organism zSpore size, shape & structure are used in the classification & identification of fungi zHypae and other structures form mycelium zFungi reproduces sexually and asexually

What are the characteristics of dimorphic fungi?

Grossly, colonies often display fluffy or fine texture and are pale colored or white. Grow moderately rapidly to slowly and have narrow, septate hyphae. Dimorphic fungi Fungi that characteristically grow as a mold under certain environmental conditions (usually 25-30°C) and as a yeast under other conditions (usually at 35-37°C).

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