What are the best seats at Miller Park?

What are the best seats at Miller Park?

Some of the very best seats for watching a Brewers game are located in sections 111-113 (first base side) and 122-124 (third base side). Though the netting extends to sections 112 and 123, these seats will allow you to still feel close to all the action on the field as well as the dugouts.

How are seats numbered at Miller Park?

The seats numbers for the Brewers at Miller Park are unlike the majority of other ballparks. At Miller Park, seat number 1 in any given section will always be closest to home plate. For example seat number 1 in section 121 will be closer to section 120, and seat number 1 in section 113 will closer to section 114.

What are club seats American Family Field?

The Club Seats are American Family Field are located in sections 320-339. Located on the PNC Club Level, the Northwestern Mutual Legends Club offers patrons, an all-inclusive, upgraded experience with all basic amenities .

How many seats are in a row at Miller Park?

Most sections on the lower level of Miller Park will have between 21 and 27 rows of seats. Row 1 will always be the first row in each lower level section with the exception of the sections behind each dugout. Row 4 is the first row in dugout sections 112, 113, 122, and 123.

Which side of Miller Park is in the shade?

As a general rule, the seats in the shade at Miller Park are located: In most sections along the 1st baseline. Farther back in one of those sections or in a row that’s under cover. In upper deck sections under cover of the roofing structure.

What are diamond box seats at Miller Park?

The field diamond box seats at Miller Park include sections 110 through 114 (1st base side) and sections 121 through 125 (3rd base side). The Milwaukee Brewers use the first base dugout and the visiting team uses the third base dugout.

How much is a suite at Miller Park?

How many Miller Park suites are available?

Low Range Location High Range
$2,500 Club Level Suites Suite Level, between first and third base $5,000
$3,500 Party Suites Suite Level, first base side $6,500
$4,000 Executive Suites Suite Level, third base side $8,500

What is club level at Miller Park?

The Club Level is the third tier above the Loge Level and are fairly high up for premium seats. The seats there cost a bit more, but you have access to the climate-controlled, carpeted Club Level concourse, which is nice on a cold (or hot) day.

Where are the loge seats at American Family Field?

Located on the second tier up from the playing field and running from first base to third base, Loge Level Infield seats offer very good views for a baseball game, at a more affordable price than the lower level.

Is American Family field covered?

American Family Field’s most unique feature is its movable roof. The fan-shaped roof includes 12,000 tons of structural steel and spans approximately 600 feet from home plate to the outfield track beam. The roof covers more than 8.5 acres and is comprised of seven panels (five of which are movable).

What is the loge diamond box at Miller Park?

The loge diamond box seats at Miller Park include the earliest rows of sections 210 through 227. The loge sections behind home plate (216-221) will each have ten rows of seats; the rows are numbered 1 through 10. Most loge sections will have between 19 and 21 rows of seats; row 1 is the first row in all loge sections.

What is an infield box seat?

The infield box seats are the most expensive non-premium seats at Great American Ball Park and offer an excellent view of the infield. The rows of the infield box sections begin with single letters in front and double-lettered rows in the back. Row G will be the first row in most infield box sections.

What are the Bernie’S Terrace seats at Miller Park?

The bernie’s terrace seats at Miller Park include sections 441 and 442 and are located in the upper left outfield area of the stadium. The rows for section 441 are numbered 1 through 16. The rows for sections 442 are numbered 1 through 15. The seating area is named after Bernie, the Milwaukee Brewers’ mascot.

What are the seats at Miller Park for the Brewers?

The Milwaukee Brewers use the bullpen below section 238; the visiting team uses the bullpen below sections 101 and 102. The field infield platinum seats at Miller Park include the middle rows of sections 113 through 122. For the money, these are the seats we would purchase for a Milwaukee Brewers game.

Why does millermiller park have a retractable roof?

Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers, was one of Major League Baseball’s first stadiums with a retractable roof. The roof is necessary due to Milwaukee’s colder temperatures compared to the rest of the league.

What are the club outfield seats at Miller Park?

The club outfield seats at Miller Park includes sections 306 through 319 (1st base side) and sections 340 through 345 (third base side).